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Part-Time Nannies

Part-Time Childcare Providers

Life is hectic! The part-time nannies at the  TENT Group are recruited to stabilize your family! We have short-term and long-term nannies.

We define part-time as fewer than 25 hours of work a week.

Between work, caring for the kids, and maintaining the house, there aren’t enough hours in the day! That’s where our part-time sitters come in!

Our part-time nannies will have the experience and dedication you are looking for! Each eligible candidate must pass a 7-year background check before being placed.

98% of our caregivers have their own reliable vehicles, which they maintain correctly and on a regular basis. We favor candidates with 4-wheel drive. Our nanny employees are skilled in installing car seats correctly.

In addition, as part of the contract our nanny agency develops between you and your nanny, we include a section determining the allowable use of electronics in the home and in the vehicle.

Our nannies follow Minnesota state law, which enforces hands-free electronic use while driving. The Elite Nanny Team further enforces that the nanny is forbidden from touching their cell phone while the vehicle moves.

TENT Group offers temporary and permanent part-time childcare professionals for early mornings, weekends, and weekday part-time hours. Below, we have more information about these packages.

We offer a variety of nanny services in addition to gig nannies. Parents: are you looking for full-time nannies, infant specialists, or a live-in household manager?

Part-Time Permanent Nannies

Some clients need trustworthy individuals to drive their children to or from school. Several of our clients own their own businesses.


As the boss, you create your own schedule. This allows our clients to work part-time while having part-time childcare coverage.

In the land of 10,000 Lakes, our job is to recruit a part-time permanent caregiver who is reliable, honest, and hardworking.


We define part-time as fewer than twenty-five (25) hours a week.


Permanent refers to a long-term placement covering an average of a year.

Our active professional babysitters will teach your child through meaningful play and create fun games and crafts for them.

Recruiting Cost of a Part-Time, Permanent Nanny: $2,950

Part-Time Temporary Babysitters

We recruit temporary part-time nannies experienced with babies, toddlers, and older children.

TENT’s temporary nannies are recruited using the same high standards we expect of all of our nannies. However, our temporary nannies work for three to four months on average


We favor college-educated, highly experienced caregivers skilled in safely caring for your kids.

International clients frequently travel to Minneapolis to work for Cargill and Best Buy, and the parents bring their children along. Some families need a personal assistant responsible for childcare, which is the ideal position for a Mother’s Helper. 

We can locate a nanny fluent in any major foreign language. It is not uncommon for our temporary childcare providers to create an activity plan for your children using your input.

Our loving professional babysitters can use their own cars to drive the little ones around to the Mill City Museum, Mall of America, or other interests your kids have.

Recruiting Cost of a Part-Time, Temporary Nanny: $1,950

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