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Part-Time Nannies

If you need a reliable, highly experienced, and educated part-time nanny, look no further than The Elite Nanny Team (TENT Group)! We bring together the best nannies in the business, offering a selection of the most knowledgeable and capable childcare professionals available. Will you need a part-time nanny permanently or temporarily?

Are you looking for a one-time babysitter? You need a gig nanny!


Part-Time, Permanent Nannies

Our permanent, part-time nannies are available for under 25 hours a week on a long-term basis. Whether you need an infant specialist to work with your family while you work from home. Maybe you need someone to take over once daycare is done. Our part-time, long-term childcare providers will be recruited to match your family's needs. 

Our childcare providers are different from your everyday babysitter because they take the initiative to assist with folding laundry, making meals, transporting the kids, and arranging play dates. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT offer split shifts or after-school nanny placement. 


Part-Time, Permanent Nanny Recruitment Price: $2,950.00

We offer a variety of nanny services in addition to part-time childcare. Parents: are you looking for full-time nannies, infant specialists, or a live-in household manager?

Part-Time, Temporary Nannies

Are you looking for a part-time, temporary nanny because your life is transitioning? Our temporary packages are defined as lasting for fewer than three months, and the nannies are available for 25 hours or fewer per week. 

All costs for background checks and motor vehicle reports are included.

We frequently assist international clients who are working in the United States temporarily. 

Some families are waiting for daycare spots to open or have an ill family member. Parents need the reassurance that they will have a sitter to care for their children safely.

Part-Time, Temporary Nanny Recruitment Price: $1,950.00 

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