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Nanny Application

Three Minutes Could Change Your Life

Become a career nanny with The Elite Nanny Team! Your initiative and creativity unleashed many private childcare providers' perks, including free travel, full benefits, high wages, and incredible nanny families! Make a difference in a child's future as a high-end nanny. 


Great Pay

Nannies recruited through The Elite Nanny Team typically have a starting wage of $20.00 an hour and may range up to $40.00 an hour based on experience and expectations. The average salary of our nannies is $25.00 an hour. As a professional nanny, you are a hard worker!! Frequently, caregivers have bachelor's degrees or Early Childhood Education. However, unlike in Europe, there is no formal training for nannies collegiately, which puts a ceiling on reasonable salary expectations. In addition, the employer sets hourly wages and compensation, not the TENT Group.


Vacation Packages

Our employment agency and nanny recruiting service strongly recommend that families offer a substantial vacation package to prevent burnout. These packages are based on performance and vary from one week to six weeks. Often, the family will choose half of the scheduled vacation days you take, choosing the remaining days based on your personal needs. In addition, some families offer sick pay if you have to call out when you have a fever, a sick child, or an uncontrollable cough.


Your nanny boss will decide which vacation days s/he can offer, including national holidays, sick days, and paid time off. Federal holidays are up to the client's discretion but may consist of Independence Day, Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or New Year's Eve.


It is important to TENT and our clients that you, the babysitter, balance life and work properly. We want to ensure you are entirely dedicated to your nanny families while comfortably managing your own life.


Personalized Contracts

You will receive a personalized contract developed by The Elite Nanny Team to establish expectations, initiate communication, and set boundaries. We take information from both parties to develop a working relationship.


Your work contract will state the hours you work, the number of children you are expected to watch, and the family's duties. It also indicates specific rules the family wants to be followed, tasks you will be responsible for, like cleaning and cooking, and whether you only do the children's laundry or the parents' laundry. If you use your car to take the kids to school, activities, or appointments - your contract will promise to reimburse you for using your vehicle and paying for gas. In addition, it stipulates how taxes, social security, state taxes, and unemployment will be handled.


Your employer will sometimes cover these costs, while other employers will want you to manage your taxes. A contract offers a beautiful working environment where transparency is critical, fairness is valued, and respect is fostered among employees and employers.


We favor an open-door policy, and you are always welcome to come to us if you have concerns, questions, or requests.

For your security, we no longer embed the Nanny Application on our website. 

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