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Hiring Nannies

Career Nannies

At the TENT Group, it is very important that you, the nanny, are happy and well cared for. Below you will find information for nannies on how to earn our top-paying nanny jobs.


Our loving nannies depend on our clients for income, and we want our babysitters to have a long-lasting working relationship with their nanny family.


Our childcare jobs offer a guaranteed number of hours in income each week. Our elite nanny agency offers the security of a predictable work schedule. Please continue reading if you want a great-paying job in the United States.


Our nanny recruiting agency has full-time nanny jobs, part-time nanny jobs, temporary nanny gigs, and special needs nanny jobs.


We are also recruiting for live-in nanny jobs. Let us find the perfect sitting job for you!


Nannies recruited by The Elite Nanny Team earn top nanny pay.

Because we don't hire babysitters. We hire nannies. 


Our greatest asset is that we work with a high-end clientele who generously compensate you for your hard work, loyalty, and dedication. 


Are you wondering how much our career nannies earn?


Your nanny family will pay you directly via direct deposit (for permanent and temporary babysitting positions). Your employer will also handle all taxes.


Our high-end clientele frequently offers generous vacation packages, including between 20 and 60 days of paid time off, paid federal holidays, and paid international and domestic travel.  


As high-end recruiters, we have high expectations, but they are not unreasonable. We favor hiring college-educated sitters who are at least 18 years old.


We strongly encourage highly educated nannies who majored in Early Childhood Education or Development to apply.


Engaging and teaching kids is the foundation of our business.


Our clients rarely allow their children to watch television.


Skillfully engaging your nanny kids in meaningful and educational activities is essential to our recruiting agency. We appreciate creative, productive, imaginative nannies who adore working with kids.


While our sitters are not required to be college-educated, they must have a strong work ethic, fantastic interpersonal skills, and solid literacy skills.


At the end of each contract period, our employment agency supports you by helping you find another nanny job with us.

nanny high-fiving African American child over game of Jenga

What Do Nannies Do?

Nannies are very different from babysitters. Becoming a professional caregiver means you are vital to the family’s organization and sanity.

Becoming a nanny is more than sitting and watching a child play. As a professional nanny, your role is so much more!


Parents depend on you to care for their house, take the children to and from lessons, engage the kids in educationally-advanced playtime, and ensure everyone’s safety the entire time!

As a professional sitter, you must be a problem solver, a shoulder to cry on, a multi-tasker, and an organizational guru!


Nanny duties often include:

  • Preparing meals for both the children and the parents.

  • Driving the little ones to school, tutors, daycares, or fun events.

  • Creating lesson plans and activities

  • Taking the initiative to manage the household

  • Assist with chores and errands

  • Maintain a safe environment

  • Keeping the kitchen clean by loading and unloading the dishwasher, emptying the trash, and wiping counters.

  • You may request Light housekeeping, such as light vacuuming to keep new crawling babies safe.

  • Traveling with the family on vacation domestically or internationally.

Earn More as a TENT Nanny!

Learn what it takes to be a professional nanny with The Elite Nanny Team, including details about our background check.

Learn about nanny jobs located within 15 miles of your home so that you can safely commute. 

Fill out a short application to the get the process started and earn an hourly salary your experience and education deserves.

Nanny Pay: How Much Do Nannies Make a Year?

Nannies recruited by The Elite Nanny Team earn top nanny pay. Our greatest asset is working with elite, high-end clients who offer a livable wage for an experienced sitter.


Our childcare positions pay between $20.00 an hour (on the lowest end of the spectrum) and range up to $45.00 an hour (based on your professional nanny experience).


Nanny families commonly pay their nannies directly via direct deposit (for permanent and temporary babysitting positions).


In certain instances, employees might receive hourly wages via check or cash.


Payment arrangements will always be detailed before your start date.

Nanny Benefits

Our employment agency and nanny recruiting service strongly recommend that families offer a substantial vacation package to prevent burnout. These packages are performance-based and vary from one week to six weeks.


Often, the family will choose half of the scheduled vacation days you take, choosing the remaining days based on your personal needs.


In addition, some families offer sick pay if you have to call out when you have a fever, a sick child, or an uncontrollable cough.


Your nanny boss will decide which vacation days s/he can offer, including national holidays, sick days, and paid time off. Federal holidays are up to the client's discretion but may consist of Independence Day, Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or New Year's Eve.


It is important to TENT and our clients that you, the babysitter, balance life and work properly. We want to ensure you are entirely dedicated to your nanny families while comfortably managing your own life.

Personalized Contracts

You will receive a personalized contract developed by The Elite Nanny Team to establish expectations, initiate communication, and set boundaries. We take information from both parties to develop a working relationship.


Your work contract will state your hours, the number of children you are expected to watch, and the family's duties.


It also indicates specific rules the family wants to be followed, tasks you will be responsible for, like cleaning and cooking, and whether you only do the children's laundry or the parents' laundry.


If you use your car to take the kids to school, activities, or appointments - your contract will promise to reimburse you for using your vehicle and paying for gas. In addition, it stipulates how taxes, social security, state taxes, and unemployment will be handled.


Your employer will sometimes cover these costs, while others will want you to manage your taxes.


A contract offers a beautiful working environment where transparency is critical, fairness is valued, and respect is fostered among employees and employers.


We favor an open-door policy, and you are always welcome to come to us if you have concerns, questions, or requests.

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