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Live-In Nannies

Life can be exhausting! A live-in nanny can offer a tremendous amount of flexibility. Whether you have an infant who needs constant care, a toddler who is always on the go, or a small hoard of school-age children, a live-in household manager is a constant presence you may need.

We encourage time boundaries with our nannies and offer them a private living quarter to allow them to refresh themselves. 


A live-in childcare specialist can provide structure to your busy family.


The alternative to an au-pair, a live-in childcare provider can help with cleaning, cooking, running errands, and transporting the children to and from school or after-school activities.


This is a long-term relationship, and finding the ideal live-in nanny for your family is crucial to ensuring a lasting relationship.


The Elite Nanny Team requests at least three months to locate the best live-in nanny for your family.

We offer a variety of nanny services in addition to live-in household managers. Parents: are you looking for a full-time nanny, special needs caregiver,  or newborn care specialist?

Principles Our Agency Stands Behind when Matching Your Family with a Live-In Childcare Provider

  • We encourage parents to have a defined schedule for their nannies. Live-in sitters need the same time off that parents do. 

  • You want your caregiver to occasionally decompress so they can be their best selves for your children.

  • We encourage parents to give their live-in professional babysitter living quarters separate from the family’s. Both parties must have their own private spaces. 

  • Some live-in caregivers do not enjoy being alone, but it is always important to have that option. This also allows parents to maintain a certain level of privacy in their homes.

* Ideally, in a perfect world, the nanny has their own kitchenette in their personal living area; however, this is not always feasible.

Live-In Household Manager

Having a live-in nanny can be a wonderful addition to your home. Often a live-in caregiver can be more affordable than a live-out childcare provider.


A live-in household manager is a great substitute for a night nurse for infants or multiple. A live-in infant specialist can offer greater flexibility in terms of scheduling. 

Recruitment Cost for a Live-In Nanny:  $9,950.00

How Is a Live-In Nanny Different From an Au-Pair?

A live-in nanny is a domestic childcare provider who is frequently a professional, career nanny who adores working with children and is extremely knowledgeable. 


In addition, the family always covers most of the nanny’s utilities, living expenses, and the cost of food while also paying him/her/them a liveable wage. 

However, there are pluses and minuses to hiring a live-in nanny.

Benefits of a Hiring a Career Live-In Nanny:

  • The childcare provider can drive your child(ren) around

  • Domestic caregivers are familiar with American cultures and habits

  • It is a lower degree of commitment

  • Has a strong command of English

  • A trial period is possible with locally recruited live-in nannies

  • Your family can establish a long-lasting relationship with the nanny.

Negatives of Hiring a Live-In Nanny:

  • Live-In Caregivers in America can be younger

  • You may be limiting your children’s worldly experiences

  • Career Live-In Nannies are more expensive in the long run.

What is an Au-Pair?

An au-pair is an international childcare provider recruited by an au-pair agency to work for a family. 


Rarely are au-pairs personally matched to your family’s characteristics. 


Sometimes international nannies may have an underdeveloped command of the English language, but not always.


Au-pairs are imported from abroad to live in your home full-time. Their visas are usually for one or two years, but an au-pair cannot remain with your family for longer than 2 years. 


They earn a weekly stipend and can not work more than 45 hours a week. 


There are pluses and minuses to hiring an au-pair: 

There is an enormous amount of risk involved including:

 Mismatched personalities between family and au-pair

 Visas falling thru

 Unknown criminal past

 Extreme commitment since they immigrate from abroad

Negatives to Hiring an Au-Pair

  • The recruiting and upfront matching fees are around $15,000.00

  • Many international caregivers have a limited understanding of English

  • Au-pairs can’t drive your children around until they pass the English-based driving test

  • High Risk to Benefit ratio considering an au-pair will not be with your family for longer than 2 years. 

Benefits of Hiring an Au-Pair

  • They are paid an average of $200 a week.

  • They expand your child(ren’s) experience with other cultures

  • They introduce your family to other culinary flavors.

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