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Full-Time Nannies

The Elite Nanny Team is a high-end nanny agency that recruits full-time nannies who are highly educated, always on time for work, and deeply care for youngsters.

We prescreen nannies to ensure they understand effective and gentle ways to manage children and encourage their development.

We define full-time as a caregiver who works 30 hours a week or more. 

We service areas such as Edina, Maple Grove, and North Saint Paul, Minnesota. However, we strive our hardest to accommodate areas outside of Minneapolis.

We offer full-time permanent and full-time temporary nannies. 


Are you looking for part-time nannies?

Full-Time, Permanent Nanny


We aim to place a full-time nanny with whom your children can build a long-lasting relationship for years to come.


Parents who need full-time long-term nannies are often the busiest and most successful parents who need childcare for at least thirty (30) hours a week.


Any free time you have, you want to spend with your kids.


Full-time nannies are ideal because they can prepare your children for school, pick them up, and drop them off at daycare, preschool, or activities.


In the nanny's downtime, she can fold laundry, sweep the floors, take out the trash, and pick up after the kids. Wouldn't it be nice to return to a neat, tidy house? 

The Elite Nanny Team defines Full-Time Permanent as over 30 hours a week, long term.


Full-Time, Long-Term Nannies: $4,450.00

According to PayScale....

"The median pay for nannies in Minneapolis/ Saint Paul is $15.30. The average hourly nanny pay in this area is $20.12."

At The Elite Nanny Team, the lowest hourly wage we will extend to nannies on your behalf is $20.00 an hour. On average our professional caregivers earn $25.00 an hour. Worker's compensation is required for all Minnesotan nannies. Learn more here.


Full-Time, Temporary Nanny

Summer nannies are considered full-time temporary nannies and are always in big demand! At the TENT Group, we want to simplify this process.


Our summer nannies are all located in Minneapolis and typically are on vacation from college. Full-time sitters work over 30 hours a week for fewer than four months. 

The placement fee covers all costs for recruiting, interviewing, background checks, and motor vehicle reports.


The full-time, temporary nanny placement package offers one free nanny replacement within 30 days for any reason whatsoever.

Sometimes you need additional childcare coverage due to illness, family visiting, or life transitions. This is where The Elite Nanny Team comes in!

 (The price below is also for full-time and part-time summer nannies)

Full-Time, Temporary Nanny Recruitment Price: $1,750.00 

full-time babysitter holds infant

Every family has different preferences for how their children are raised. We have worked with guardians who want their kidlets at home most of the day.


Other parents prefer the little ones to exercise at any of the amazing attractions local to them. Nannies love taking the kids to the swing sets at Edinborough Park.


There is a ton of summer fun at the Venetian Indoor Waterpark. Or your recruited nanny can play a round of mini-golf with her nanny kids at Centennial Lakes Park. 

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