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    • Staying Safe During Distance Learning - A Nanny's Guide

      Yes, you love your kid. That's a solid fact. However, staying at home with them during COVID-19 may have tested you to an inch of your limits. You're grateful schools are reopening and can't wait for someone else to handle their curiosity for a change. But before you put them on that bus… pause. Think. Is it safe? Is there any chance that sending them to school might expose them to danger and possible infection? Is it worth it? If you're finding it hard to give a reassuring answer to this question, then you might want to rethink the whole back-to-school thing now. "How will my kids get their education?" you say. Well, fret no more. We've got the perfect solution for you and your children. Homeschooling. Of course, this will mean that your kids will remain home some more, but hey! It's better than the traditional school setting – and safer too. In fact, to help you with your decision, we're going to look at some of the benefits you – and your kids – can get out of homeschooling, especially during this period. 1. HOME-SCHOOLING IS MUCH SAFER Since some schools reopened a while back, there's been a rash of COVID-19 cases amongst teachers and students alike. For instance, in the Cherokee School District in Georgia, about 1200 students and staff had to be quarantined to prevent the spread. That's quite a number. But, your child would be safe from all this if you opt for homeschooling because it's just you – or a trusted nanny-teacher – and your kid. There's no pack of children rubbing shoulders and sneezing. No dirty pencils being passed around. You also don't have to worry that a kid might get sick, and you won't be able to hear about it on time. Yes, that's an actual concern. According to, some school districts are finding it difficult to share information about the number of COVID cases that they may have in their schools, leaving parents in uncertainty about the safety of their children in these reopened schools. So, why risk it? With homeschooling, you can take any prescribed health precaution to protect your children, instead of leaving it at the hands of the school and worrying the entire day. Also, they're learning and keeping a social distance from the outside world. That's two birds with one stone! 2. PERSONALIZED E-LEARNING Conventional schooling may not allow you to know what's being taught to your kid during those long school hours. For all you know, they probably spend it doodling on their desks. Getting your kid home-schooled lets you in on what they already know, how well they learn, and what areas need brushing up. 3. FOCUSED ATTENTION CONDUCIVE FOR YOUR KID At home, your child is free from all the peer pressure, bullying, and competition. They're far away from all the noise, making them more focused and ready to learn. affirms that home-schooled kids are more capable of shunning the herd mentality and bad influences. They are also likely to think more independently. With all the stress of trying to stay at the top of the class behind them, kids will be more focused on gaining knowledge than just cramming information to get good grades. 4. LEARNING CAN BE TWEAKED Unlike the rigid school timetable, homeschooling is quite flexible. The one-on-one tutoring enables you to model lesson plans and study times according to your child's learning needs and your schedule. Your kid also gets all the teaching attention that they may lack in a roomful of other children. You can decide to take a longer time with your child to master a particularly difficult subject or breeze through a familiar one – your choice, and theirs too. With all these advantages, you're probably wondering why you haven't started homeschooling your kid. Well, there's more where that came from, and it's not too late to start your home-school journey. All you have to do is to act now. If you're living in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area, then good news! The Elite Nanny Team has the perfect full-time or part-time nanny to help advance your children's distance learning experience. There's no need to stress over the whole homeschooling bit when we can help out with that. Get you a nanny and a teacher – it's two for one! We're only a call away. CITATIONS Faussett, Richard. "1,193 Quarantined for COVID. Is This a Successful School Reopening?" 12 August, 2020. Jayme Fraser, Sommer Brugal, Thomas Langhorne, Arika Herron, and Rachel Fradette.  "New coronavirus cases are emerging at schools. How much you know depends on where you live" 18 August, 2020 "Benefits of Homeschooling: How It Could Make Kids Smarter"

    • Baby-Proofing Your Home

      Protect Your Baby and Your Home at the Same Time June 2, 2020 by Julia Weaver Updated on August 13th, 2020 Baby proofing your home is hardly a one-time event. As your child grows, so do potential hazards they’ll face and opportunities for your child to dirty and destroy your home that you just spent what felt like hours making spotless. Because let’s face it – although small, children have the unique ability to get into everything and create disorder. Protecting your child as well as your home means preventing accidents and staying ahead of their little curiosities. It doesn’t matter what style of home you live in, perhaps you live in a single-story condo in Miami, FL or a three-story home in Atlanta, GA, baby proofing your space is vital to your child’s safety while keeping your home clean and protected from damage. What will your child be able to get into once they start crawling, walking, or even climbing? It’s hard to tell, but taking the necessary steps to keep your home clean, and baby proofing to minimize any potential damage they could cause to themselves or your home can give you peace of mind. Baby Proofing Your Home at Every Stage When will your baby start crawling - is the question? Your baby may not begin crawling for many months. Child-proofing your home by setting up a stylish yet safe nursery beforehand is a smart way to start. You can easily create a safe environment for your child while reducing the chances of damage to your home in the near future. Consider taking the following safety measures while baby proofing your home: Optimizing the Home for a Newborn Keep baby monitors and cords three (3) feet away from the crib. Keep the crib free of pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. Make sure changing and bath areas are secure to prevent slips, rolls, and tumbles. As your baby proofing, secure all cords, including those on blinds and window coverings. Remember, any cord can be a hazard. Consider installing safety tassels or cord stops to tuck away the cords. Place the crib away from any windows, heaters, lamps, wall decorations, and cords. Preparing Your House for a Crawling Baby Cover electrical outlets with electrical plugs and remove nightlights, air fresheners, and other plugins that are easy to pull out. Secure or hide electrical cords. They’ll be sure to pull down anything they’re attached to making a lamp, stereo, or TV come crashing down on them and the floor. Close the toilet lid or place a latch on top. Add padding to tables with sharp corners or edges and Install finger-pinch guards for hinges on doors. When you’re baby proofing, install latches on doors, especially to stairs, cabinets, and appliances. Place cleaning products and other toxic chemicals in a safe, dry place with a latch or lock. Always keep the floor and low tables clear of small debris and other choking hazards. Empty bathtubs and buckets of water immediately after use. Use baby gates to keep your child safe from stairs or rooms that haven’t been childproofed. Anchor your television and unstable furniture, such as bookcases, dressers, and loose tables. Protecting Your Home While Keeping Your Toddler Safe Keep all windows latched and add stoppers so they can’t be raised if they are accidentally unlatched. Kids not only can easily make holes in screens using their fingers and toys but can also fall out of windows if they lean on the screens. Keep medicines in childproof containers in high cabinets that latch or lock. Keep hot foods and liquids in the center of tables or at the back of counters. Make sure knobs on your stove and oven are securely covered or removed so your toddler doesn’t turn them on and possibly cause a fire Make sure doors lock from the outside so your toddler can’t accidentally lock themself in a room. Secure doors that provide access to off-limit areas, like garages or workshops. Keeping Your Home Clean and Orderly at Every Stage As you know, babies require a lot of attention and energy. As infants, it can feel like a never-ending cycle of feeding, burping, wiping, bathing, holding and cuddling, and finally, putting them to bed. It may feel next to impossible to find the time and muster up the courage to face your household chores. Luckily, before your children can walk, you don’t need to worry about a mess scattered throughout the home. When your baby begins to crawl, they’re on the move and they will start getting into anything and everything within reach. However, keeping your house clean with a toddler is probably the biggest challenge. No matter what stage your child is at, the minute you’re finished cleaning one mess, another one is waiting for you. Whether it’s toys scattered around the room, food smeared on your furniture, or tiny handprints left on your sliding glass door, there is always something to clean up. Here are some ways to stay ahead of the mess at every stage: Keeping Your Home Clean with an Infant Do laundry regularly. Laundry can become a time-consuming task if the clothes begin piling up. Declutter and organize. Always have a designated spot for everything such as toys, baby clothes, medications, and bibs. Keep diapers, cleaning cloths and wipes, and cleaning supplies stored in various areas throughout the home in case of an accident. Clean your home before going to bed. Let’s face it, you’ll get better sleep knowing it’s been done. Apply a fabric and upholstery protective spray to your furniture to prevent any stains from accidents or spills. Lay down blankets to protect your carpet or area rug during tummy time or when changing their diaper. Consider purchasing a handheld shampooer for your rug or carpet to keep your carpet clean and reach deeper dirt, food, or stains. Place baby wipes and supplies out of reach of the baby, but keep them handy for any accidents. Managing the Mess with a Crawling Child Keep markers, pens, or crayons out of your child’s reach to avoid any upholstery or walls from getting drawn on. Use safe-spill drinking cups to avoid spills and stains. Pack away any valuables and breakables, and any furniture or decor that could be damaged. Store dry goods, heavy kitchen supplies, oils and spices, and sharp objects in an upper cabinet or a locked cabinet. Find a safe place for everything so it’s easy to return your house back to normal after your baby goes to sleep. Purchase a basket or bin to hold your child’s toys. Having a set place for their toys can help to keep your house less cluttered. Tidying Up Your Home with a Toddler Create designated play areas in your home. Establish a cleaning routine and have your toddler help out so they’re invested in the cleaning process too. Consider placing rugs down to save your floors from scratches or dents. Vacuum regularly to pick up any dirt or spilled food. Give away or store any clothes, toys, or supplies that your toddler has outgrown. We hope you have learned some exceptional ways to baby proof your home. Please visit our Redfin writer, Julia Weaver at And for all of your nanny needs, please consider using The Elite Nanny Team!

    • Part-Time Two Days A Week Nanny

      We are searching for a very loving part-time nanny in Edina/Minneapolis, Minnesota. The parents want someone who is very loving and nurturing to take care of their little girl. The baby is growing quickly and is 1 year old now. The parents would like her to stay at home and away from COVID. The perfect nanny candidate for this part-time position will currently be majoring in early childhood education. Schedule flexibility, timeliness, and minimizing electronics are important for this entry-level childcare job. There are no serious household duties with the exception of folding laundry and some meal prep. Part-Time Availability Needed Monday: variable/unscheduled Tuesday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Wednesday: variable/unscheduled Thursday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Friday: variable/unscheduled Saturday: none Sunday: none Pay: approximately $16.00 an hour Qualifications Minimum of a high school diploma or GED, or equivalent Optimal candidates will be in college or university, majoring in Early Childhood Education or Teaching (K-12) Candidates can be CPR Certified/First Aid Candidates will have a car/background check/drug test Ideal candidates have previously been employed as a nanny, babysitter, or a teacher's assistant in daycare. Ideal candidates will have knowledge of age-appropriate activities for toddlers Skills Categories Positive Discipline techniques Arts/Crafts Major Taking Initiative Potty Training Mild Housekeeping Encouraging Learning/Reading/ and Creativity Simple cooking/meal preparation Age-Appropriate Developmental Activities for Toddlers APPLY AT: Schedule Category: Part-Time, Long Term, Permanent Ideal employment resources: daycare centers, childcare centers, elementary schools, daycares, PCA/CNA employees, educational centers, former tutors Work Authorization: Must be a United States citizen. The Elite Nanny Team follows all local, state, and federal regulations regarding withholding income taxes. Your employer will handle all deductions for you and you will be issued a W-2 as a legal household employee. In addition, we follow all standards established by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. We support all veterans and disabled individuals seeking employment.

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    • Newborn Care Specialists - Loving & Experienced | Twin Cities | TENT Group

      Newborn Care Specialists in Minnesota Based in the Twin Cities, The Elite Nanny Team (TENT Group) is geared toward recruiting exceptional . newborn care specialists We serve most areas of the state of Minnesota. Our undergo extensive prescreening to ensure they have the necessary skills to properly care for your newborn. nannies Each eligible nanny undergoes a . We favor who live within 15 miles of your home to ensure their reliability even on snowy days. background check and drug test nannies Our are a and have . We thoroughly screen each nanny to make sure they have the skill set to safely care for your newborn. infant specialists minimum of 18 years old at least 2 years of professional newborn experience We rigorously vette our nannies to ensure your child's safety. We don't want your little one's mouth burned from a microwaved Dr. Brown's bottle. Heaven forbid a tiny cherub gets caught up in a crib bumper. We ask potential candidates a slew of questions. As your child grows and the relationship with your nanny is maintained we want to know that she can advance his or her development past infancy and into toddler-hood. ​ REGISTER NOW Types of Questions We Ask: How do you know when a baby can safely sleep on his or her stomach, if ever? By what age should an infant be rolling over? How long can breast milk stay out of the fridge? What is the worst situation you have encountered working with children? You would be surprised by the number of candidates who do not take this opportunity to show off their emergency-preparedness. How do you soothe a colicky baby? Which sleep training method do you prefer and why? How do you age-appropriate developmental activities? Plus, as the employer, you are in control. It is important that the newborn care specialist we recruit for you listens and is attentive to your child-rearing preferences. If you prefer to sleep train your child using the pick-up-put-down method rather than the cry-it-out method, our recruits . nanny placement agency a nanny who will support you We also ask them to keep a about your infant's feedings, sleep schedule, and urination habits. We want them to maintain . nanny log clear communication ​ We make every effort to recruit with a minimum of 2 years of professional childcare experience (required). college-educated nannies ​ Finding an to safely care for your newborn can be stressful! infant specialist nanny ​ We are here to help! ​ Recruitment Cost: $1,875.00 REGISTER NOW Name * Email * Phone Message Thanks! Message sent. Send Tell Your Friends!

    • Info for Busy Parents | Minneapolis, MN | The Elite Nanny Team

      Information for Parents Here busy families can learn more about how our nanny placement agency works. Learn about the process we use. You can also discover more about what nannies do, nanny pay, nanny taxes and more. ​ According to , Childcare Workers in Minnesota has a base employment rate of 12,770. The amount of potential candidates is to increase to 12,980. The percentage increase of available childcare workers will potentially increase by a mere 1.6%. The national average for the total employment category need is anticipating to increase by 2.0%. The average annual openings are projected to become 2,020 childcare jobs. That is over 2,000 individuals in Minnesota you will be competing against to find the ideal nanny. This process is too lengthy and complex for your family to go it alone. "Number of Childcare Jobs in 2018 in USA: 1,160,000. Future projection is 2% which is much slower than for other occupations." How Our Nanny Placement Agency Works Our nanny placement agency's process is easy. Simply , sort of like a profile. Then a to an hour to discuss details and learn more about your lifestyle and personality (The Initial Meeting). fill out the registration consultant meets with you for about 45 minutes After is signed and the first payment is made the TENT Group starts searching for your ideal fit. our contract We recruit, interview, verify, and conduct a preliminary background check on each qualified candidate. and introduces them to you. The Elite Nanny Team then chooses our top three prospects NANNY SERVICES Ready to take the next step? Learn about the many childcare placement services we offer. LEARN MORE You Interview the Top 3 Choices After each has passed a preliminary background check, the 3 nannies meet at your house (or via Zoom) where . professional babysitter you get to interview the top three (3) choices individually ​ Typically interviews take about 30 - 45 minutes, depending on the family's preference. Background Checks & Drug Testing At this point, the or . hourly rate salary you have chosen is extended to them ​ your nanny's hourly pay and talk to you about managing the . We will help negotiate nanny's taxes If you choose one of these nannies, the nanny candidate undergoes an extensive background check spanning up to 7 years. They also undergo a 5-panel urine drug test. At our nanny agency, we have zero tolerance for drug use. Please note that it takes approximately 4 days for complete testing. This is a great time for you, the Employer, to organize your thoughts about what they want to be included in the Nanny Contract. ​ If you prefer to keep looking for a childcare worker, we use the applicants' interviews to explore your families' needs. We Create a Nanny-Employer Agreement When the nanny/manny accepts your job offer, TENT draws up a nanny contract between your family and the . nanny We welcome clients to add additional notes they thought of at the last minute. You will receive a draft of the agreement prior to its finalization. Prior to the nanny's first day, we go over the contractual agreement item by item with your future nanny to establish expectations, boundaries, and responsibilities of him/her. We have to start now! Our nanny agency needs as much time as possible to find your best match. Register Now. Either contact us and fill out the application over the phone or apply online. Answer a few questions with our online registration so the search can begin! REGISTER NOW What Does a Nanny Do? The duties that our nannies help with will depend on your family’s structure and your personal preferences. We ask our domestic helpers to main a neat residence and leave it much neater than they found it. and regularly empty the dishwasher, vacuum the play area, sweep the kitchen, and clean the counters. Part-time full-time nannies Nannies are very in the kitchen too! They help fix kids' snacks, prepare a light dinner/meal prep and running errands such as grocery shopping! helpful help to prepare breast or formula bottles, clean baby bottles, sanitize toys, and empty diaper bails. Our nannies also prepare soft foods once the babe is ready for solids. Infant specialists Since they will be helpful with carpooling or running errands. most of our professional nannies have driver's licenses ​ Many nannies are responsible for delivering little kids and teenagers to extracurricular pursuits such as ballet classes, soccer camps, basketball practice, swimming lessons, and art classes. How will a nanny make your life easier? Name * Email * Phone Message Success! Message received. Send Have More Questions? Read Our ! FAQs for Parents

    • Minnesota's Elite Nanny Agency | Minneapolis | The Elite Nanny Team

      We DRUG TEST All Eligible Nannies!!! NOW OFFERING COVID TESTING! Minnesota's High-End Nanny Placement Agency As Minnesota's high-end - we take the burden and stress of locating a nanny off your shoulders. nanny recruiting agency ​ Then our locates quality, educated nannies and caregiving experts who best meet your families' needs. Our agency takes into account your schedule, personal lifestyle principles, activity level, and priorities. nanny agency ​ The Elite Nanny Team understands how crucial it is for children to have consistent relationships in their lives. You can learn more about our process by reading our page or scrolling below. Our goal is to recruit a highly-educated, strongly skilled, committed nanny who will stay with your family in the long run. Nanny Services ​ We recruit for , , and childcare positions in your private home. We also locate , , nannies for children, and . highly intelligent, hardworking nannies full-time part-time short-term infant specialists live-ins special needs summer nannies ​ . We support the nanny-employer relationship with ongoing coaching, mediation, and communication. We have found that this is vital to maintaining your working relationship. Our nanny placement services continue after we place a nanny The founder is a former professional nanny from Washington DC. She knows that anything a child experiences as a youngster affects them in adulthood. That is why we only . recruit nannies committed to your family's wellbeing ​ How will a nanny make your life easier? Nanny Services Nanny Pay, Taxes & Benefits Are You a Nanny? Required Clearances 5 Panel Drug Test Social Security Number Trace 7-Year National Criminal Database Search County Courthouse Verification's of Database Hits (up to 3) National Sex Offender Registry Check Verifiable Experience with Children ​ Our Process The most trustworthy childcare services in the midwest. ​ Let's Answer Your Questions! New Clients Can Easily Register Online! Quick, Multiple Choice Questions Let's Meet! We personalize the process to match your needs! TENT Recruits the Perfect Nanny! 7-Year Background Checks and 9-Panel Drug Testing are required of eligible nannies ​ Only the Best Nannies Will Interview With You! ​ - Learn More - About the Founder This nanny placement agency was founded by a highly educated, who specialized in Special Needs, Infant Care, Sleep Training, and Behavior Modification. former nanny Every family who hired her said the same thing: We need someone with your knowledge about raising and caring for different children to extend your expertise to us. She attended the prestigious and graduated from an elite 4-year private college in New England. Miss Porter's School Eventually, she started assisting her families in hiring an appropriate replacement when she needed advanced her experience and knowledge. It came to a point where she no longer interviewed for positions but instead provided families with a consultation. She is well known in the community and has a continual client base. WHAT PEOPLE SAY - Stephen J. " Dorian obviously knows what she's doing. From the beginning to the end she stayed in contact with my wife and I. I can't thank her enough for taking the time to learn who we are and what we needed from a nanny." Full-Time & Part-Time Nannies at Your Fingertips! As the best nanny recruiting agency in Minnesota, we offer a variety of recruiting childcare experts for and . nanny services full-time childcare part-time childcare ​ Our childcare recruitment agency can recruit a nanny who is available for several years or for only a few months. ​ We specialize in nanny recruitment for positions, , medical nannies and . newborn specialist live-in childcare special needs backup babysitters ​ In addition, we also service corporate clientele who host events and conferences at the Minneapolis Convention Center and surrounding hotels. ​ We support positive reinforcement, meaningful play, and educational activities. ​ Our services aren't meant for everyone. But we might be the perfect match for you! ​ Let's give your kids the best start possible. Home Privacy Policy Cookie Policy Terms of Use Terms and Conditions Nanny Services Newborn Care Specialists Full-Time Nannies Part-Time Nannies Emergency Child Care Services Summer Nannies Info for Busy Families Nanny Pay & Taxes FAQS Nannies Nanny Jobs Near Me Nanny Application Childcare Jobs FAQs for Nannies Activities for Kids Field Trips for Kids Blog Contact us Southern Minnesota Office

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