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  • Choking Prevention: A Thanksgiving Tradition

    It is very common for kids to choke over different things. It could be their miniature toys or small objects around the house, but it is often food. This is so especially when there is so much to eat and different food platters to savor, especially on festivities like Thanksgiving. Aside from the skillfully roasted turkey and perfectly mashed potatoes, another thanksgiving tradition is ensuring your kids do not choke on their food. With a lot of delicacies to ravish within a short time, it is no wonder why kids may eagerly finish their food, sometimes resulting in choking. Different foods can be choking hazards for kids, especially when not properly chewed before being swallowed. Most frequently nuts, meat and cheese chunks, popcorn, and raisins are choked on by children at the highest rate. Statistics show that at least one child dies from choking on food every five days in the U.S, and choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional death in children under 5. Nonetheless, there are preventive measures to take. So today, we are going into choking prevention tips and what to do if your child chokes on their food. And it won’t be a lesson well thought if we do not first identify the signs of choking. So, here you go: Signs your kid is choking Inability to cry or make any noise. Inability to breathe or difficulty breathing is usually signified by a high-pitched sound when breathing in. Clutching at chest or throat. Violent coughing to free up the airway. Pale or flushed lip and skin color, which is usually bluish or dusty. Loss of consciousness and going limp, especially when there is a total blockage. Choking prevention: how to avoid choking episodes 1. Cut food into smaller pieces Eating food sizes difficult or too large to swallow may cause your kid to choke. We advise you to cut food into smaller sizes to aid your kid to chew properly, which ultimately helps swallowing and digestion. 2. Keep random small objects out of the way Household objects are top on the list of choking hazards for kids. If you have toddlers around the house, especially those who can crawl, you should regularly keep away small objects like coins, balloons, buttons, pins, and the likes from lying around the house. 3. Ensure your kids sit while they eat Eating while standing or running, or playing is a catalyst for food-induced choking accidents. Ensure your kids are static when eating, in the right position, and on a high chair. 4. Supervise and watch your kids during meals it is not enough to prop your kids in the right eating postures. You should also be there to watch them while they eat, especially the babies and toddlers. Ensure they do not hurriedly eat their foods and eat chunks in bits. 5. Allow only age-appropriate toys Give your kids age-appropriate toys to play with. Most toys come with age-appropriate tags, and any kid younger than the appropriate age may be vulnerable to injuries and hazards when playing with the toy. What to do if your child is choking The first thing to do is to call 911 and cry for help. While the paramedics are on their way, you can give the following first aid measures: Perform the Heimlich maneuver and other choking first aids if you can EXCEPT your kid is coughing forcefully or showing signs of normal breathing. Avoid trying to pull out the object if your kid is conscious. If your kid is unconscious, start CPR and take the object out of their mouth only if you can see it. Give back blows, chest thrusts, and abdominal thrusts. Takeaway Your child’s health is of utmost importance. It is important that your nannies and caregivers know simple choking hazards and how to prevent them. Your nanny should also know first aid measures and other choking intervention measures in cases of related events. Trust The Elite Nanny Team (TENT Group) for nannies with professional training in administering CPR, first aid, and other health-related interventions.

  • Halloween Post COVID: The New Rules

    COVID took the world by storm, halting life as we knew it, introducing us to possibilities we probably ever envisioned for ourselves in this lifetime. Wearing masks, socially distancing in public, shutting down in-person activities totally, for virtual and internet-led interactions instead. It has been a year since COVID struck, and the world is trying to adjust to the new normal. Social activities as we know it has resumed, although with slight adjustments to accommodate the change. One of such is the Halloween celebration. While the holiday was not celebrated last year, being an avenue for a large gathering of people, which is only a catalyst for the virus, many people are looking forward to going back on the streets trick-or-treating. Stats show that about 66% of the population are making plans to hand out candies. At the same time, a total of one-third of Americans voted that the virus would not in any way affect their Halloween celebration plans. According to Anthony Fauci, the White House chief medical adviser and director for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Halloween can be fun again. Even kids can go out to enjoy the scares and treats that come with the season. According to him, vaccination for kids is currently being pushed for. An approval, coupled with the current COVID immunization already approved for kids age 12-15, is guaranteed to equal more excellent protection for all groups, not just kids. Researchers have also adduced that the transmission of the virus via surfaces like candies wrappers is low, making it a safer possibility for trick-o-treating. I’m sure your kids will be spooked to know they can go out this Halloween and hang out with friends. While this might be a little scary for parents, following that the virus is still potent in some locations, these are the new rules to adhere which can reduce the chances o transmission to the barest minimum, especially if you’re vaccinated Rules to abide by or a safe Halloween celebration post COVID Ensure a safe and healthy Halloween for you and your kids by following these tips: Maintain social distance When trick-or-treating outside, maintain adequate social distance by stepping back 6 feet after knocking or ringing a doorbell. It is also better to trick o treat outdoors instead of in an enclosed space which will only promote a quick spread. And when outside, avoid crowds and large gatherings, go in groups of twos or threes only. Go with safety props Sanitizers, proper facemasks (not costume masks), and regular washing of hands must keep safe while enjoying the festivities. Sanitize after touching any doorknob or ringing any bell, and avoid hand dips into varying bowls of candies. Have a trusted adult around Suppose your kids are in toddler ages or still need supervision. In that case, it is wise they are accompanied by a trusted adult who will ensure they keep to all safety protocols. Looking for the right option to an alternative guardian for Halloween night if you or your partner will not be disposed to watch the kids? Not to worry. Elite Nanny Agency is your one-stop-shop for qualified nannies and caregivers skilled in helping families maintain safety and control the spread of the virus this Halloween. Undoubtedly, Halloween is no fun without the various outdoor activities. However, suppose you would rather just stay back home carving pumpkins and the likes as a family. In that case, Elite Nanny Agency is also ever-ready to help you with lovely nannies prepared to complete the Halloween feeling like a family. Make this season memorable for your kids and your family, with your health and safety guaranteed.

  • After School Nanny Job for Sophisticated Individual

    Are you currently in school or in an under-paid day job? As a professional nanny for two great kids who are currently in school, you will be the family’s peace of mind. While childcare experience is important, the family is really looking for someone who is a loving leader. We are looking for a caring soul who truly loves kids and has the maturity to take initiative. Is that you? (Please be able to start immediately) Mom loves Hispanic culture, since she is a doctor from Venezuela. Dad travels for work. They are a traditional family that supports the use of redirection, advancing education, and enrichment activities. Mom is bilingual. Dad strictly speaks English. APPLY NOW Location: Lake Elmo, MN 55042 Start Date: November 13th Kids: 5 and 6 year old boys Schedule: Monday: noon - 7pm Tuesday: 2pm - 7pm Wednesday: 2pm - 7pm Thursday: 2pm - 9pm Friday: 2pm - 8pm Saturday: none Sunday: none Pay: $18 - $20 an hour We ask you have previous childcare experience including: Please be legally authorized to work in the United States. Some Early Childhood Education coursework or degree, or similar work experience is appreciated. Please have a reliable car for this babysitting job. Please have at least 2 years of child care experience. We are looking for a childcare provider who communicates thoroughly and is highly responsive. APPLY NOW The Elite Nanny Team (TENT Group) supports EEOC practices.

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  • Minnesota's Elite Nanny Agency | Minneapolis | The Elite Nanny Team

    Minnesota's High-End Nanny Placement Agency As Minnesota's high-end nanny recruiting agency - we take the burden and stress of locating a nanny off your shoulders. ​ Our agency takes into account your schedule, personal lifestyle principles, activity level, and priorities. Then our nanny agency locates quality, educated nannies and caregiving experts who best meet your families' needs. ​ The Elite Nanny Team understands how crucial it is for children to have consistent relationships in their lives. Our goal is to recruit a highly-educated, strongly skilled, committed nanny who will stay with your family in the long run. You can learn more about our process by reading our Nanny Services page or scrolling below. ​ We recruit highly intelligent, hardworking nannies for full-time , part-time , and short-term childcare positions in your private home. We also locate infant specialists , live-ins , nannies for special needs children, and summer nannies . ​ Our nanny placement services continue after we place a nanny . We support the nanny-employer relationship with ongoing coaching, mediation, and communication. We have found that this is vital to maintaining your working relationship. The founder is a former professional nanny from Washington DC. She knows that anything a child experiences as a youngster affects them in adulthood. That is why we only recruit nannies committed to your family's wellbeing . ​ How will a nanny make your life easier? REGISTER NOW Nanny Services Nanny Pay, Taxes & Benefits Are You a Nanny? Required Clearances Social Security Number Trace 7-Year National Criminal Database Search County Courthouse Verification's of Database Hits (up to 3) National Sex Offender Registry Check Verifiable Experience with Children ​ Our Process The most trustworthy childcare services in the midwest. ​ Let's Answer Your Questions! New Clients Can Easily Register Online! Quick, Multiple Choice Questions Let's Meet! We personalize the process to match your needs! TENT Recruits the Perfect Nanny! 7-Year Background Checks ​ are required of eligible nannies ​ Only the Best Nannies Will Interview With You! ​ - Learn More - About the Founder This nanny placement agency was founded by a highly educated, former nanny who specialized in Special Needs, Infant Care, Sleep Training, and Behavior Modification. Every family who hired her said the same thing: We need someone with your knowledge about raising and caring for different children to extend your expertise to us. She attended the prestigious Miss Porter's School and graduated from an elite 4-year private college in New England. Eventually, she started assisting her families in hiring an appropriate replacement when she needed advanced her experience and knowledge. It came to a point where she no longer interviewed for positions but instead provided families with a consultation. She is well known in the community and has a continual client base. REGISTER NOW WHAT PEOPLE SAY - Stephen J. " Dorian obviously knows what she's doing. From the beginning to the end she stayed in contact with my wife and I. I can't thank her enough for taking the time to learn who we are and what we needed from a nanny." Full-Time & Part-Time Nannies at Your Fingertips! As the best nanny recruiting agency in Minnesota, we offer a variety of nanny services recruiting childcare experts for full-time childcare and part-time childcare . ​ Our childcare recruitment agency can recruit a nanny who is available for several years or for only a few months. ​ We specialize in nanny recruitment for newborn specialist positions, live-in childcare , special needs medical nannies, and backup babysitters . ​ In addition, we also service corporate clientele who host events and conferences at the Minneapolis Convention Center and surrounding hotels. ​ We support positive reinforcement, meaningful play, and educational activities. ​ Our services aren't meant for everyone. But we might be the perfect match for you! ​ Let's give your kids the best start possible. Home Privacy Policy Cookie Policy Terms of Use Terms and Conditions Nanny Services Newborn Care Specialists Full-Time Nannies Part-Time Nannies Emergency Child Care Services Summer Nannies Live-In Nannies Special Needs Nannies Info for Busy Families Nanny Pay & Taxes Client Registration FAQS Nannies Nanny Jobs Near Me Nanny Application Childcare Jobs FAQs for Nannies Activities for Kids Field Trips for Kids Blog Contact us Health Insurance And Your Nanny 10 0 Post not marked as liked How Much Does a Household Manager Make Yearly? 20 0 Post not marked as liked How to Safely Introduce Soft Foods to Your Baby 4 0 Post not marked as liked REGISTER NOW

  • Summer Nannies Near Me | Minneapolis, MN | TENT Group

    Summer Nannies Nanny Agencies Offering Summer Child Care The Elite Nanny Team is a high-end agency based in Minneapolis, Minnesota offering college-educated nannies summer nannies for your little ones! REGISTER NOW Summer Childcare Near Me Education and fun go hand in hand with summertime childcare. Are your youngsters out for the summer after attending The Blake School, St Paul Academy & Summit School, or Minnehaha Academy? Games of hide-and-go-seek, capture the flag, and scavenger hunts will keep your kids' minds occupied over the summer vacation. Our nannies will explore and play with your infant, toddler(s) or school-age children throughout the summer indoors and out! Safety is our first priority. Our nursemaids will make sure your children have sunscreen applied regularly. They will make sure each child who doesn't know how to swim has on a life-vest if out by the pool or by the lake. Whether the nanny is hosting a lemonade stand with the kids or visiting Eagle Lake Regional Park or the Science Museum of Minnesota, our professional full-time and part-time summer babysitters will stay on the go with your little cherubs. ​ Let us pair you up with a nanny you can trust! Summer nanny placement is available for full-time and part-time schedules at the same cost. ​ Summer Nanny Recruitment Cost: $1,500.00 REGISTER NOW Tell Your Friends! Hiring a full-time or part-time nanny can reshape your life! Are you looking for greater flexibility? A live-in nanny may be the right option for you. In addition, we also specialize in special needs caregivers , event nannies , and infant specialists . We even have summer nannies ​!

  • Newborn Care Specialists - Loving & Experienced | Twin Cities | TENT Group

    Newborn Care Specialists in Minnesota Infant Specialists Near Me Our infant specialists are a minimum of 18 years old and have at least 2 years of professional newborn experience . We thoroughly screen each nanny to make sure they have the skill set to safely care for your newborn. We rigorously vette our nannies to ensure your child's safety. We don't want your little one's mouth burned from a microwaved Dr. Brown's bottle. Heaven forbid a tiny cherub gets caught up in a crib bumper. We ask potential candidates a slew of questions. As your child grows and the relationship with your nanny is maintained we want to know that she can advance his or her development past infancy and into toddlerhood. ​ REGISTER NOW Types of Questions We Ask: How do you know when a baby can safely sleep on his or her stomach, if ever? By what age should an infant be rolling over? How long can breast milk stay out of the fridge? What is the worst situation you have encountered working with children? You would be surprised by the number of candidates who do not take this opportunity to show off their emergency-preparedness. How do you soothe a colicky baby? Which sleep training method do you prefer and why? How do you age-appropriate developmental activities? Plus, as the employer, you are in control. It is important that the newborn care specialist we recruit for you listens and is attentive to your child-rearing preferences. If you prefer to sleep train your child using the pick-up-put-down method rather than the cry-it-out method, our nanny placement agency recruits a nanny who will support you . We also ask them to keep a nanny log about your infant's feedings, sleep schedule, and urination habits. We want them to maintain clear communication . ​ We make every effort to recruit college-educated nannies with a minimum of 2 years of professional childcare experience (required). ​ Finding an infant specialist nanny to safely care for your newborn can be stressful! ​ We are here to help! ​ Infant Specialist Recruitment Cost: $2,950.00 REGISTER NOW Name * Email * Phone Message Thanks! Message sent. Send Tell Your Friends! Hiring a full-time or part-time nanny can reshape your life! Are you looking for greater flexibility? A live-in nanny may be the right option for you. In addition, we also specialize in special needs caregivers , event nannies , and infant specialists .

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