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    Yes, you need unemployment insurance for your nanny. When you hire a nanny, several things should become your concern. While you do not necessarily need to worry about such things, it is pertinent that you know and help you make informed choices concerning employing a nanny. One of these things is the nanny unemployment insurance. Perhaps you have no inkling about what this means and want to get in on the information, or you have an idea and want to know if it is compulsory for your nanny. For the rest of this article, we will introduce you to the basics of unemployment insurance and why you need it for your nanny. What is Nanny Unemployment Insurance A nanny is a domestic staff under a domestic employment contract. The nanny unemployment insurance (tax) is one of the taxes paid by families who hire caregivers and nannies. Like other unemployment taxes, the nanny unemployment insurance is taxes paid to state and federal unemployment funds. Workers benefit when they become unemployed or laid off until they get back to being employed. The nanny unemployment tax is to be paid by employers of hired nannies and caregivers where the latter earn $1,000 and above in a calendar quarter. In some jurisdictions, this threshold amount could be lesser. The tax is usually paid every quarter and based on the tax rate fixed by a state’s labor department. Why You Need Unemployment Insurance for Your Nanny As you already know from above, the government created a program to help cushion the financial negatives of unemployment on unemployed workers who were made so due to no fault of theirs. This is why those laid off for reasonable cause and those who willingly resign from their jobs will not benefit from the unemployment insurance. Suppose you pay your nanny under the table, which is a term for paying your nanny illegally. And eventually, they get laid off. In that case, they will not qualify for the benefits. This is because paying under the table equates to not paying the unemployment insurance taxes. Following this, when your former nanny decides to claim unemployment benefits, they will be restricted from doing so. You may also be penalized for failing to pay the taxes. And this brings us to your available options when your nanny files for the unemployment benefits. What Happens If Your Nanny Files for Unemployment Suppose you have been illegally paying your nanny without remitting the required unemployment insurance rates. In that case, chances are that you will face penalties from your State for not paying the taxes. You will also be required to pay back the unemployment insurance tax and other taxes like Medicare. To avoid this, you could agree with your former nanny to stop them from claiming unemployment which will ultimately protect you from the fines and penalties you could face. On the flip side, if you do not “owe the law” and had faithfully contributed to your State’s unemployment insurance scheme, you have nothing to worry about when your nanny claims unemployment benefits. You may only be required to furnish your State’s department of labor with information concerning your nanny getting laid off and compensations you paid (if any). TAKE AWAY As you know, you can only think of paying unemployment taxes for your nanny only when you have a nanny. And hiring a nanny can prove a wild goose chase, especially if you have specific and particular preferences. Elite Nanny Agency is a nanny agency committed to getting families the best nanny services anyone can ever ask for. We dedicatedly match nannies with suitable families based on the needs of the families and the nannies. With our nannies selectively picked and made to pass through series of tests and interviews to ensure their capabilities for the job, Elite Nanny Agency is the nanny agency you can trust. REFRENCES,service%20in%20a%20calendar%20quarter Tom Breedlove, ‘Unemployment Insurance Taxes: What Families Hiring Caregivers Need to Know.’

  • I Caught My Nanny in the Act!

    Ever wondered if a nanny can be racist? The answer is an all-caps YES! What would you do if your nanny is racist or has been racist to your kids? What would you do if you caught your nanny in the act? Hold your horses as you are about to find out how to recognize if your nanny is racist and what to do about it. WHO IS A RACIST? One thing to know is that, just as a nanny can be someone of any race, in the same vein, anyone from any race (people of color most especially) can be a victim of racism. A racist is simply one who discriminates against others based on their race and skin color. Such a person feels superior to others and sees their race as superior to other races. To make a point of their superiority, they may verbally, physically, or with their actions, attack people of other races. The resulting consequence is a victim suffering emotional, psychological, and sometimes physical abuses and traumas. This energy is not something you want around your kids and family. You want your children to understand that all races are equal and everyone deserves equal treatments and opportunities irrespective of their locality or the color of their skin. This understanding will groom your kids into adults who do not see a race as superior to others and who will always speak up wherever racism occurs. So, what could help you recognize a racist nanny? THESE 3 SIGNS SHOW THAT YOUR NANNY IS RACIST Your kids deserve to be safe around their caregivers and nannies, and one who is racist will only defeat the purpose. Here, we list out common signs that are indicators of a racist nanny. Projecting microaggression on the kids Microaggression is a casual and subtle way of being racist. Your nanny may not outrightly engage in racist acts, but they may do so casually and subtly. An example is a nanny who always hides her purse or bag in a house with older children because she believes kids from such races are natural thieves. Making stereotypical jokes about other races Take note if your nanny tells stereotypical racial jokes even if it may seem "harmless." Not all jokes are just for laughs; some are harmful. If your nanny tells jokes that propagate racist agendas and dehumanize other races, then they might be racist at heart. Being generally hostile Sometimes an employee may take up a job because it is what they have to do. They might be racist to their coworkers and whatnot by being hostile to those who feel they are of an inferior race. In the same light, if your nanny shows hostility towards your kids (and your family in general) or makes cruel remarks based on your skin color, hair color, or facial features, then the chances of them being racist are high. WHAT NEXT AFTER FINDING OUT THE BITTER TRUTH? Communicate to the nanny agency If you got your nanny through an agency, the first thing to do is relay your findings to them with proof that you are not making up allegations. This will enable them to conduct due diligence on their employees and take stricter measures to ensure that their nannies provide a safe space for the kids they care for. Ask for a replacement It is unhealthy to continue contracting with such a nanny, knowing about their stance on race. Hence, the best thing to do is racism is a good cause to fire the nanny and ask the agency for another nanny. If you nanny-haunt yourself, ensure you conduct a thorough interview on your replacement options before settling for a new nanny. Have a talk with your kids This is easily the most challenging part, especially if your children cannot understand the impact of racism. But you could calmly and patiently explain to them that Shirley had to leave because she had unhealthy ideologies about race and life, which could be harmful to them. Suppose they had witnessed your nanny being racist or experienced it. In that case, you could either take it upon yourself to ensure they understand that such actions are wrong and or get help from a child therapist. IN CONCLUSION While you go about nanny-searching, you should know that Elite Nanny Agency is one nanny agency that decries racism and will never suggest racist nannies or work with racist clients. We make things easy for you and your families by ensuring our nannies are everything you want in a nanny, including being an antiracist. Save yourself the stress of pondering about what you'd do if you caught your nanny in the act because we ensure that such scenarios never happen.

  • What Vaccines Should My Nanny Get?

    Right from the time of conceiving, through the course of a pregnancy, mothers are expected to make some changes to adapt to the new state of their bodies and to ensure the maximum health of their baby. Because of the weak state of babies’ immune systems, adults and child caregivers who regularly come in contact with a child not only need to observe basic hygienic protocols but may also need to take the extra step to ensure that they are not a health hazard to the child. One of such ways is getting vaccinated for certain contagious diseases like the flu. Are you a concerned parent wondering how to ensure the maximum healthcare of your kids? Yes? Then this is for you. What Vaccines Should Your Nanny Get? The importance of vaccines is to prevent people from getting a particular disease or virus. While vaccination is a personal choice, we have rounded up five key vaccines that may be necessary for your nanny to get. However, this list is not exhaustive. Whooping Cough According to CDC, half of the children who are infected with whooping cough get to be hospitalized and about 1 in 4 kids end up with pneumonia – which could lead to death in very serious cases. This means that your kids are susceptible to contracting whooping cough if exposed. This more so if your child is below 6 months as babies within that age range are considered medically too young to receive flu shots. Tdap – Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis – (DTap for children) is the vaccine for whooping cough which your nanny, as well as any other adults, teens, and preteens who will be around your baby, should get. It is recommended that they get the shots two weeks before meeting your little one as it takes the vaccine two weeks to get to work. Influenza Influenza shots protect you against the flu. While it might not be critical in adults, it is potent enough to pin a child to a hospital bed. We recommend that adults get the flu shot every year. Measles Measles is quite a deadly disease and can cause death to unborn children and those below the age of 5. If your kids fall within this age grade (and even above), your nanny should get vaccinated. Chickenpox Varicella vaccine is the vaccine for chickenpox (Varicella). If your nanny has never received Varicella shots either as a child or adult, chances are that they are likely to pass on chickenpox to your child. To eradicate the probabilities of this happening, encourage your nanny to get the shot. COVID-19 The issue of COVID-19 vaccination has met strict opposition from many while others have welcomed the idea. Most people are scared that getting vaccinated is tantamount to getting infected if they had none before the vaccination. While the virus is known to be more potent in adults, children can also get the virus, hence the need for children's caregivers to consider getting vaccinated. Currently, there are three types of COVID-19 vaccinations approved and recommended by the CDC – Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson/Janssen. Your nanny should consult with their doctor or health care provider before getting any of the vaccines. What You Should Not Do While your children's caregivers must do all they can to ensure the wellbeing and safety of your kids, there are certain things you should not do as regards your nannies getting vaccinated. One of such is really important: do not force your nanny to get vaccinated, and more so if that person is an already employed nanny of yours. Getting vaccinated is a personal choice that some support and others refute. While you may request that your nannies get vaccinated before being employed or as a condition to return to work, it’s always unwise to force them or threaten them to get vaccinated. The ideal solution when there is a conflict of interest is to discuss your demands and your nanny’s option with your nanny. Ask about their reservations about vaccinations and see if their concerns are legitimate and valid (some may have allergic reactions to vaccines). You could also discuss other alternatives if getting vaccinated will cause genuine hardship to your nanny. You reserve the right to ask your nanny to get tested for various contagious illnesses, decline to hire an un-vaccinated nanny or fire an existing caregiver if they refuse to get vaccinated but keep in mind that such decisions may limit your access to many nannies that may otherwise be willing and available to work for you. TAKE AWAY After getting vaccinated, it doesn’t only stop there. Some vaccinations require that you are vaccinated from time to time – that is, keeping your vaccinations updated. Depending on the duration of your nanny's employment with you, you could discuss with your nanny or the nanny agency that found you such a nanny about keeping their vaccines up to date and the associated risks involved. As a pacesetter in the business of making healthy and competent nannies available for families, The Elite Nanny Team nanny agency handles the issue of vaccination seamlessly and effectively. They do a great job in getting your kids the best care while keeping the risk of any member of your family contracting a disease from their nannies almost non-existent. CITATION “Can You Require Your Nanny to Get a COVID-19 Vaccination?” Jan 12, 2021 Heidi, Murkoff. “Whooping Cough and Babysitters.” April 1, 2020

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  • Part-Time Nannies & Babysitters for Your Childcare Needs | | TENT Group

    Part-Time Nannies in Minnesota Life is hectic! we get it! Between work, caring for the kids, and maintaining the house - life can be exhausting! Our are here to help. The Elite Nanny Team's -part-time, permanent nannies can help! - part-time nannies Often there aren't enough hours in the day and that's where our part-time nannies come in. You need a nanny in the area of 10,000 Lakes who is reliable, honest, and hardworking. Our are here to make your life easier. college-educated nannies We define part-time as a nanny who works 25 hours and below. ​ Sometimes are referred to as babysitters. The Office of the Revisor of Statutes defines babysitters as follows: part-time nannies ​ “Babysitters are individuals who provide child-care services to parents and are not licensed to operate day care centers under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 245. “ . Currently, Minnesota does not have a definition for a nanny that is as specialized as its definition of a babysitter. Their distinction lies in whether the household employee is categorized as a household employee who receives a W-4 or as an Independent Contractor (more below). Regardless, each eligible household employee undergoes a background check and drug test ensuring that your children are safe. ​ Our placement agency offers and nannies. part-time permanent part-time temporary ​ Hiring a or can reshape your life! Are you looking for greater flexibility? A may be the right option for you. In addition, we also specialize in , , and . We even have ! full-time part-time nanny live-in nanny special needs caregivers event nannies infant specialists summer nannies REGISTER NOW Tell Your Friends! Part-Time, Permanent Nannies Our are available for throughout Minnesota. Whether you need an to work with your family while you work from home. Maybe you need someone who can take over once daycare is done for the day. Our will be recruited to match your family's needs. permanent, part-time nannies under 25 hours a week on a long-term basis infant specialist part-time, long-term childcare providers ​ Our are different from your everyday babysitter because they take initiative assisting with folding laundry, making meals, transporting the kids, and arranging play dates. part-time nannies ​ PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT offer split shift or after-school nanny placement. Price: $1,500.00 REGISTER NOW Part-Time, Temporary Nannies Are you looking for because you are in a life transition? Our temporary packages are defined as lasting for fewer than 3 months. All are available for 25 hours or fewer per week. temporary nannies part-time caregivers ​ TENT's part-time, short-term nanny service offers one free nanny replacement within 30 days, for any reason. All costs for background checks, drug testing, and motor vehicle reports are included in this one-time fee. ​ can be part-time temporary sitters.​ Sometimes you just need additional coverage due to illness, family visiting, or life transitions. This is where we come in! Summer nannies ​ We frequently assist who are working temporarily with many of the Minneapolis-based corporations. The parents need a part-time temporary nanny for the short stint they are here. international clients Many families are also waiting for daycare spots to open, or have an ill family member. Parents need the reassurance they have will have a sitter to safely care for their children. ​ (The price below is also for full-time and part-time summer nannies) Price: $785.00 REGISTER NOW Want to become a nanny? ​ ​ What is the Difference between a Nanny and a Babysitter? There are significant differences between a nanny and a . Anyone can hire a teenage babysitter and them minimum wage. What kind of childcare will you receive? Minimal, at best. babysitter pay A sitter is someone who simply watches your children and makes sure no harm comes to them (we hope). Amateur caregivers generally aren't knowledgeable about age-appropriate activities, proper sleep training techniques. "Sitters" are minimally aware of the hazards that kids can get themselves into. The International Nanny Association is the most highly respected educational source for nannies. They define babysitters as someone who 'provides supervisory, custodial care of children on a full-time or . Many babysitters have no special training and have limited childcare experience." part-time basis ​ , on the other hand, are well-rounded individuals. Childcare is their passion and they have often devoted themselves to advancing their childcare knowledge. Career nannies have significant knowledge about respected child-rearing practices. Nannies When is a Part-Time Babysitter Considered an Employee Versus an Independent Contractor? In order for a part-time nanny to be considered an independent contractor several characteristics must be met. ​ “A babysitter is an independent contractor if all of the following criteria are substantially met. A. The babysitter takes care of another's child in the babysitter's own home or other premises under the babysitter's control. B. The instructions given to the babysitter by the parents are general in nature, relating to matters of diet, health, rest, special foods to be given to the child, and who to contact in an emergency. C. The babysitter is allowed to exercise judgment on matters as to the amount of time and attention the child requires, the types of meals to serve, and the manner of coping with situations which may arise. D. The babysitter is free to perform household chores when the child does not require personal attention. Subp. 3. Employee. A babysitter is an employee if all of the following criteria are substantially met. A. The babysitter performs child-care services in the home of the child's parents. B. The babysitter has been engaged to devote services exclusively to the performance of the employer's work. C. The babysitter is given instructions regarding such matters as the amount of time and attention the child requires, the types of meals to serve, and the manner of coping with situations that may arise. ” Office of the Revisor of Statues Minnesota Administrative Rules ​ REGISTER NOW How Much Does Can a Part-Time Nanny Make as an Independent Contractor? Under of Excluded Employments; Application, Exceptions, Election of Coverage, a household employee is to be taxed as an independent contractor so long as said individual earns less than $1,000.00 in a three (3) month period. This is one of many reasons why our part-time nannies earn at least $15.00 an hour and work fewer than 25 hours a week (as opposed to 20 hours a week). Establishing these boundaries allows us to prevent taxation-confusion that could cost you in the long run. In their exact words: Section 176.041 ​ "a person employed as a household worker in, for, or about a private home or household who earns less than $1,000 in cash in a three-month period from a single private home or household provided that a household worker who has earned $1,000 or more from the household worker's present employer in a three-month period within the previous year is covered by this chapter regardless of whether or not the household worker has earned $1,000 in the present quarter;" At The Elite Nanny Team, in most situations, our part-time caregivers will receive a W-4. ​ Curious about our ? process ​ ​

  • Summer Nannies Near Me | Minneapolis, MN | TENT Group

    Summer Nannies Nanny Agencies Offering Summer Child Care The Elite Nanny Team is a high-end agency based in Minneapolis, Minnesota offering college-educated nannies for your little ones! summer nannies We recruit to safely care for your children. full-time and part-time summer childcare providers Our have a minimum of 2 years of professional childcare experience. summer caregivers We favor and have been driving legally for at least 2 years, full time. university-educated nannies who are at least 18 years old Each eligible nanny must pass a background check and drug test to get hired. ​ Summer Fun, Safely ​ Education and fun go hand in hand with summertime childcare. Are your youngsters out for the summer after attending The Blake School, St Paul Academy & Summit School, or Minnehaha Academy? Games of hide-and-go-seek, capture the flag, and scavenger hunts will keep your kids' minds occupied over the summer vacation. Our nannies will explore and play with your infant, toddler(s) or school-age children throughout the summer indoors and out! Safety is our first priority. Our nursemaids will make sure your children have sunscreen applied regularly. They will make sure each child who doesn't know how to swim has on a life-vest if out by the pool or by the lake. Whether the nanny is hosting a lemonade stand with the kids or visiting Eagle Lake Regional Park or the Science Museum of Minnesota, our professional full-time and part-time summer babysitters will stay on the go with your little cherubs. ​ Let us pair you up with a nanny you can trust! Summer nanny placement is available for full-time and part-time schedules at the same cost. ​ Summer Nanny Recruitment Cost: $785.00 REGISTER NOW Tell Your Friends! Hiring a or can reshape your life! In addition, we also specialize in , and . full-time part-time nanny event nannies infant specialists

  • Reliable, Loving Full-Time Nannies & Child care | Edina | TENT Group

    Full-Time Nannies in Minnesota The Elite Nanny Team is a that chooses who are highly educated, always on time for work, and deeply care for youngsters. high-end nanny agency full-time nannies We prescreen nannies to ensure they understand effective and gentle ways to manage children and encourage their development. ​ We define full-time as a caregiver who works 30 hours a week or more. ​ Most commonly we service areas such as Edina, Maple Grove, and North Saint Paul, MInnesota. However, we strive our hardest to accommodate areas outside of Minneapolis. ​ We offer and nannies. full-time permanent full-time temporary REGISTER NOW Full-Time, Permanent Nanny Our goal is to place a nanny with whom your children can build a long-lasting relationship for years to come. Parents who need are often the busiest and most successful parents. full-time long-term nannies Any free time you have, you want to spend with your kids. Full-time nannies are ideal because they can get your children ready for school, pick up and drop them, whether at daycare, preschool, or activities. In the nanny's downtime, she can fold laundry, sweep the floors, take out the trash and pick up after the kids. Wouldn't it be nice to return home to a neat and tidy house? ​ If you would like to learn more about our process, you can do so here ​ The Elite Nanny Team defines Full-Time Permanent as over 30 hours a week, long term. Full Time, Long Term Nannies: $2,350.00 REGISTER NOW According to PayScale.... ​ "The median pay for nannies in Minneapolis/ Saint Paul is $15.30. The average hourly nanny pay in this area is $20.12." ​ At The Elite Nanny Team, the lowest hourly wage we will extend to nannies on your behalf is $15.00 an hour. On average our professional caregivers earn $20.00 an hour. Worker's compensation is required for all Minnesotan nannies. Learn more . here Full-Time, Temporary Nanny are considered full-time temporary nannies and they are always in big demand! At the TENT Group, we want to make this process easy for you. Summer nannies Our are all located in Minneapolis and typically are on vacation from college. Full-time sitters work over 30 hours a week for fewer than 4 months. summer nannies ​ All costs for background checks, drug testing, and motor vehicle reports are covered in the placement fee. The full-time, temporary nanny placement package offers one free nanny replacement within 30 days, for any reason whatsoever ​ Sometimes you just need additional coverage due to illness, family visiting, or life transitions. This is where we come in! ​ (The price below is also for full-time and part-time summer nannies) Price: $785.00 REGISTER NOW Tell Your Friends! Every family is different and has different preferences for how their children are raised. We have worked with guardians who want their kidlets at home most of the day. Other prefer the little ones to exercise at any one of the amazing attractions local to them. love taking the kids to the swing sets at Edinborough Park. parents Nannies There is a ton of fun to be had at the Venetian Indoor Waterpark. Or your recruited nanny can play a round of with her nanny kids at Centennial Lakes Park. summer mini-golf ​ Hiring a or can reshape your life! Are you looking for greater flexibility? A may be the right option for you. In addition, we also specialize in , , and . full-time part-time nanny live-in nanny special needs caregivers event nannies infant specialists ​

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