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Infant and Toddler Nanny in Minneapolis

At The Elite Nanny Team, we hire full-time and part-time nannies experienced at working with kids, either as former nannies, babysitters, or daycare workers. We want to pair you with a fantastic family who appreciates you and pays you well. In addition, our nanny families offer paid travel opportunities when they vacation. Explore new regions, different lifestyles, and multiple cultures. And get paid to do it! The right nanny for these domestic and travel nanny positions are highly educated, appreciate taking the initiative, and have several years of private childcare experience with infants and toddlers. Let's help you find a childcare job you love!

About Private Childcare Jobs

As a nanny, you are a vital part of the family. You provide peace of mind to the family by being a comprehensive caregiver. First and foremost, you offer the kids a safe place to play and learn. Do you love playing games, creating crafts, and going on outings? Any opportunity where child-focused learning occurs is a welcome activity. Be sure to nurture the children with meals such as breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, depending on your schedule. You can introduce manners during meals or activities to advance the child's social skills. Secondly, you support the parents by keeping the house neat and tidy. Did you guys have a colossal playdate? Just make sure to clean up afterward. Some parents ask for help with meal preparation, light organization, and grocery shopping. At the end of the day, when the parents return home, they love to return to a household of calm kids and a tidy home.

About Our Client

Mom and dad met at Columbia University in New York City. After having kids, they moved to Minnesota to be closer to their families. Both parents are very kind and naturally introverted. They are Software Developers who enjoy an academic atmosphere and look for that same characteristic in their nanny. Our client appreciates all organic products, including their household cleaning products. In addition, they believe in animal rights issues and gender equality.

The parents have two children who are as charming as can be. They have a 6mob and a 3yog. You will be caring for both full-time. The 6mob is still taking three naps a day, and the parents would love your help with sleep training the infant. They also want to explore introducing soft foods soon and are looking for suggestions to help them be successful. The baby loves going on daily walks in the stroller and witnessing nature. The parents prefer the full-time childcare nanny who avoids using electronics as entertainment and instead focuses on developing Lo's fine and gross motor skills.

The 3yo toddler laughs regularly, and Lo will have you giggling, drinking your tea parties and playdates. In addition, the parents have a Trampoline Park membership which is perfect during the winter months. Lo enjoys playing in the snow and sledding during the winter months (but we secretly think Lo likes the hot chocolate afterward - I mean, who doesn't?!)

Nanny Job Details

Schedule Type: Full-Time 7:45 am to 5:00 pm

Job Location: Downtown Minneapolis, MN USA

Pay: approx $4k a month

Benefits: 18 paid vacation days, paid Federal holidays, paid travel

Special Characteristics: organic

# of Kids: Two (6mo and 3yo)

Nanny Job Requirements:
  • You are legally authorized to work in the United States or have equivalent U.S. work authorization.

  • You have at least a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.

  • You may have majored in early childhood education (K-12) at an accredited college or university (2 or 4 years) or technical/ community college.

  • Your car runs reliably, and your motor vehicle record (MVR) indicates you are a safe driver.

  • You have professional child care experience working in a daycare, preschool, elementary school, or as a year-round nanny.

Caregiver Job Preferences:
  • You may have attended college, majoring in early education college (ECE) or Childcare Development Associates (CDA).

  • You use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior and can manage multiple children simultaneously.

  • You have a natural desire to teach, educate, and take the initiative.

  • You might have familiarity with choking prevention, changing diapers, and feeding infants soft foods.

  • You are welcome to utilize your experience as a babysitter or nanny to create age-appropriate developmental activities for youngsters.

  • You can think of your feet, preplan, take the initiative, and follow up.

Apply Here

Census Codes: 25-2015, 23310, 25-2030, 39-9000

Schedule Type: full-time, permanent.

Country: United States of America, USA

Job Close Date: August 26th, 2022

COVID Considerations: Ideal childcare candidates will have the COVID vaccine unless a unique circumstance or specific belief prevents them. No mask is required while working as a childcare provider. We use Zoom for initial interviews.

About The Elite Nanny Team:

  • The Elite Nanny Team will NEVER take a portion of your hourly wage

  • Your happiness is very important to us.

  • You can build lifelong relationships that last a lifetime.

The Elite Nanny Team follows all local, state, and federal regulations regarding withholding income taxes from household employees. In addition, we follow all rules, regulations, and standards set by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The Elite Nanny Team (TENT Group) is a 3rd party recruiter working on behalf of private families.

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