Part-Time Nannies in Minnesota

Life is hectic! The Elite Nanny Team's part-time, permanent nannies can help! - we get it! Between work, caring for the kids, and maintaining the house - life can be exhausting! Our part-time nannies are here to help. 


Often there aren't enough hours in the day and that's where our part-time nannies come in. You need a reliable, honest, and hardworking nanny in the area of 10,000 Lakes.


Our college-educated nannies are here to make your life easier.


We define part-time as a nanny who works 25 hours and below.

Sometimes part-time nannies are referred to as babysitters. The Office of the Revisor of Statutes defines babysitters as follows: 

“Babysitters are individuals who provide child-care services to parents and are not licensed to operate day care centers under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 245. “

Currently, Minnesota does not have a definition for a nanny that is as specialized as its definition of a babysitter. Their distinction lies in whether the household employee is categorized as a household employee who receives a W-4 or as an Independent Contractor (more below).


Regardless, each eligible household employee undergoes a background check, ensuring that your children are safe. 

 - Our placement agency offers part-time permanent and part-time temporary nannies. -

Hiring a full-time or part-time nanny can reshape your life! Are you looking for greater flexibility? A live-in nanny may be the right option for you. In addition, we also specialize in special needs nannies, corporate nannies, and infant specialists. We even have summer nannies!

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Part-Time, Permanent Nannies

Our permanent, part-time nannies are available for under 25 hours a week on a long-term basis throughout Minnesota. Whether you need an infant specialist to work with your family while you work from home. Maybe you need someone who can take over once daycare is done for the day. Our part-time, long-term nannies will be recruited to match your family's needs. 

Our part-time nannies are different from your everyday babysitter because they take initiative to assist with folding laundry, making meals, transporting the kids, and arranging play dates. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT offer split shifts or after-school nanny placement. 


Part-Time, Permanent Nanny Recruitment Price: $2,200.00


Part-Time, Temporary Nannies

Are you looking for temporary nannies because you are in a life transition? Our temporary packages are defined as lasting for fewer than 3 months. All our part-time nannies are available for 25 hours or fewer per week. 

TENT's part-time, short-term nanny service offers one free nanny replacement within 30 days, for any reason. All costs for background checks and motor vehicle reports are included in this one-time fee.

Do you need a different nanny service?  Do you need a gig nanny for a day?

Summer nannies can be part-time temporary sitters.​ Sometimes you just need additional coverage due to illness, family visiting, or life transitions. This is where we come in!

We frequently assist international clients who are working temporarily with many of the Minneapolis-based corporations.  The parents need a part-time temporary nanny for the short stint they are here.


Many families are also waiting for daycare spots to open, or have an ill family member. Parents need the reassurance they will have a sitter to safely care for their children.

(The price below is also for full-time and part-time summer nannies)

Part-Time, Temporary Nanny Recruitment Price: $1,350.00 


What is the Difference between a Nanny and a Babysitter?

There are significant differences between a nanny and a babysitter. Anyone can hire a teenage babysitter and pay them minimum wage. What kind of childcare will you receive? Minimal, at best.


A sitter is someone who simply watches your children and makes sure no harm comes to them (we hope).


Amateur childcare providers generally aren't knowledgeable about age-appropriate activities, or proper sleep training techniques. "Sitters" are minimally aware of the hazards that kids can get themselves into.


 The International Nanny Association is the most highly respected educational source for nannies.


They define a babysitter as someone who 'provides supervisory, custodial care of children on a full-time or part-time basis. Many babysitters have no special training and have limited childcare experience."  

Nannies, on the other hand, are well-rounded individuals. Childcare is their passion and they have often devoted themselves to advancing their childcare knowledge. Career nannies have significant knowledge about respected child-rearing practices. 

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When is a Part-Time Babysitter Considered an Employee Versus an Independent Contractor?

In order for a part-time nanny to be considered an independent contractor, several characteristics must be met. 

“A babysitter is an independent contractor if all of the following criteria are substantially met.

A. The babysitter takes care of another's child in the babysitter's own home or other premises under the babysitter's control.

B. The instructions given to the babysitter by the parents are general in nature, relating to matters of diet, health, rest, special foods to be given to the child, and whom to contact in an emergency.

C. The babysitter is allowed to exercise judgment on matters as to the amount of time and attention the child requires, the types of meals to serve, and the manner of coping with situations that may arise.

D. The babysitter is free to perform household chores when the child does not require personal attention.

Subp. 3. Employee. A babysitter is an employee if all of the following criteria are substantially met.

A. The babysitter performs child-care services in the home of the child's parents.

B. The babysitter has been engaged to devote services exclusively to the performance of the employer's work.

C. The babysitter is given instructions regarding such matters as the amount of time and attention the child requires, the types of meals to serve, and the manner of coping with situations that may arise.


Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Minnesota Administrative Rules

How Much Does Can a Part-Time Nanny Make as an Independent Contractor?

Under Section 176.041 of Excluded Employments; Application, Exceptions, Election of Coverage, a household employee is to be taxed as an independent contractor so long as said individual earns less than $1,000.00 in a three (3) month period. This is one of many reasons why our part-time nannies earn at least $15.00 an hour and work fewer than 25 hours a week (as opposed to 20 hours a week). Establishing these boundaries allows us to prevent taxation confusion that could cost you in the long run. In their exact words:

"a person employed as a household worker in, for, or about a private home or household who earns less than $1,000 in cash in a three-month period from a single private home or household provided that a household worker who has earned $1,000 or more from the household worker's present employer in a three-month period within the previous year is covered by this chapter regardless of whether or not the household worker has earned $1,000 in the present quarter;"

At The Elite Nanny Team, in most situations, our part-time nannies will receive a W-4 from your accountant or payroll service. 

Curious about our process?