Infant Care Specialists in Minnesota

Based in the Twin Cities, The Elite Nanny Team (TENT Group) is geared toward recruiting exceptional infant care specialists.


We serve most areas of the state of Minnesota. Our nannies undergo extensive prescreening to ensure they have the necessary skills to properly care for your newborn.


Each eligible nanny undergoes a background check and drug test. We favor nannies who live within 15 miles of your home to ensure their reliability.


Returning to work after giving birth can be hard. That is why we ask our nannies to send you pictures and videos regularly about your baby's day.

Our infant specialists are a minimum of 18 years old and have at least 2 years of professional experience. We thoroughly screen each nanny to make sure they have the skill set to safely care for your newborn.


Many precautions must be made. That is why it is essential our nannies prove to us that they know breast milk should never be microwaved.


We won't work with any nanny who feels it is okay to put a blanket in the crib. Some parents opt to use breathable crib bumpers.


It is important to The Elite Nanny Team any nanny considered for a newborn specialist position is completely knowledgeable about safety introducing solids to an infant.


They must utilize the many tricks to calm a crying baby who might be colicky. Diaper changes and preventing rashes are a must-know.  


And we strongly favor more educated nannies who are familiar with sleep training or are willing to be trained on it by our staff. 


In addition, we ask our experienced nannies to keep a nanny log about your baby's habits so the two of you can stay in sync which your child's ever-changing needs. 


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Can We Use a Nanny Cam?

Choosing whether or not to use a nanny cam is a highly personal decision. In some instances, it can relieve a new mother's separation anxiety.


On the other hand, some nannies are reluctant to work with families with nanny cams because they feel the parents don't trust them. 

One thing to remember is that we are in a very tight job market and a nanny cam can deter qualified candidates from working with a family. 

Do You Recruit Nannies with Twins & Multiples Experience?

Yes! We absolutely work with twins and multiples. Caring for many babies at once can be challenging and rewarding.

nanny we would recruit for your family will have to have previous multiples childcare experience.


They will also need to understand and embrace the importance of syncing the children's schedules. 


Nannies versus Daycares

Hiring a nanny is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. Working with a nanny agency automatically puts you in elite status. However, there are pluses and minuses to hiring a nanny versus using a daycare.

Advantages of Hiring a Nanny

  • Ease and convenience

  • You pick the person whom your child spends the day with

  • Nannies help with cleaning the house

  • Nannies typically do the laundry!

  • Nannies do the dishes

  • An in-home childcare provider can help transport the kids

  • Expert nannies can prepare or make a meal

  • Our nannies are highly reliable

  • It is a highly personalized relationship

  • The nanny can travel with your family

  • The nanny is always available for date night

  • Nannies frequently have a higher level of skill

  • Your child can get socialized using playdates

  • Measurably cleaner and more sanitary than any daycare

Challenges of Hiring a Nanny

  • Nannies are expensive

  • Nannies get sick - don't worry, we offer back up nannies!

  • It is a personal/employee relationship - don't worry, we offer mediation!

Benefits of Using a Daycare

  • In theory, they offer more socialization

  • Can be less expensive

  • Daycares offer extremely structured classroom settings

Challenges of Using a Daycare

  • You have to drive to and from the daycare 4x a day

  • You don't really know the person that is caring for your child

  • Is the daycare actually licensed?

  • Often closed on holidays

  • Completely germ-infested

  • Have the caregivers passed a background check and drug test?

  • Daycares don't do your laundry

  • Daycares won't run your errands

  • You have much less influence over your child's upbringing

Learn more about the costly effects of using a daycare versus hiring a nanny for your baby by reading our blog post which has been backed by research.

"Nannies vs. Daycares: The Case for Germs"

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