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Babysitting and Childcare Jobs

We know that our professional nannies depend on our clients for income from their babysitting and childcare jobs.


We want our sitters to have a long-lasting working relationship with their nanny family.


Our nanny agency offers the security of a predictable work schedule and guaranteed income regardless of the number of hours you work.


If you are interested in a high-paying nanny job, please continue reading.


Types of Childcare Jobs

Our nanny recruiting agency has live-in, full-time, part-time, gigs, and temporary nanny jobs


Are you a special needs nanny expert? We need your expertise too!

We appreciate creative, productive, and imaginative babysitters who adore engaging children.


Teaching in a fun and engaging way is the foundation of our business. 

Full-Time Nanny Jobs

We have full-time nanny jobs to suit your schedule.


Full-time is defined as 30-plus hours. Part-time is 15-25 hours.


You may work with a baby, tot, or pre-teen depending on your expertise and preference. Often our clients need help transporting kids to activities, tidying the home by completing light housework, and possibly helping prepare meals.


Each family is unique and will have different desires.

Infant Specialist Nanny Jobs

We are interested in hiring infant specialists certified in SIDS prevention, have infant CPR practice, are significantly trained in infant milestones, and have implementable sleep training skills.

Live-In Nanny Jobs

Our live-in nanny jobs are frequently full-time positions where you live in your employer's home but in a private area of the house. It is convenient because you receive your living quarters separate from the family's.


Usually, most of your bills are covered, such as rent, electricity, WIF, cable, water, heat, and food. In addition, you receive a livable wage. The family may need help with one or multiple children. They may also ask for help with light housework, mild cooking or meal preparation, and transporting the kids around.


This is a very close relationship, and it is important our nanny agency makes the right personality and skill match. 

Special Needs Nanny Jobs

The TENT Group is highly interested in recruiting employees with advanced education and skill with specialized groups for our special needs nanny jobs.


In addition, we recruit certified teachers, nurses, and people skilled in working with special needs individuals. Please indicate on your application whether you have experience with youth diagnosed with Autism (or Asperger's), Down's Syndrome, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder (or ADHD), Developmental Disorders, or Special Medical Needs.

Part-Time Nanny Jobs

Some families have a newborn and have part-time nanny jobs, such as a Mother's Helper. Other families are in transition and need help with their toddlers or multiples. This nanny position allows you to work around your school schedule or incorporate internships into your day. Families need you to fold laundry, make kids' meals, walk the dog, and sweep the floors. 


Nanny Gigs

The Elite Nanny Team constantly hires nannies for gigs, events, and temp jobs.


These high-paying nanny jobs often last one to three days and are perfect for college nannies.


Our babysitting gigs pay $25.00 an hour on average and usually take place in hotels, convention centers, and clients' homes.


The parents will pay you directly at the end of the job. 

Temporary Nanny Jobs 

Summer nanny jobs are highly sought after by students attending St Thomas University, the University of Minnesota, St Scholastica, and additional local colleges and university students. This is only one type of the many temporary nanny jobs we have. 

Families may need help cleaning, cooking, swimming supervision, and creating fun indoor and outdoor games for the kids!

The Ideal Nanny

We appreciate creative, productive, and imaginative babysitters who adore engaging children.


Teaching in a fun and engaging way is the foundation of our business. 


Skillfully engaging your nanny kids in meaningful and educational activities is essential to our recruiting agency.


Our clients rarely allow their children to watch television. 

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