Information for Busy Families

You have a million responsibilities. Most Minnesota parents (and really all parents) are pulled in multiple directions at once. Work is a priority.


The children need to learn and grow. The animals require time and attention. The house needs cleaning. Healthy meals are waiting to be made. 


There’s emails, friends, appointments, relatives, vacations to plan, vacations to prep for, and emergencies which take priority.


Frequently, ambitious parents sometimes undertake more than they can manage.


Our nanny agency understands. Employing a local nanny agency can reduce your workload by performing the nanny search for you.


Not only will we find a skilled nanny, but one who is dedicated to your family and their well being. 

Our nannies help with a number of nanny duties. In addition, they love creating fun crafts that your kids can do.


Some families appreciate it when nannies take the kids on educational outings such as to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, the Basilica of St Mary, or Fort Snelling. 

We serve all major areas of Minnesota. Continue reading to learn more about how we handle Nanny Pay, Nanny Taxes, and where we Recruit Nannies from. 

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We have to start now!

Our nanny agency needs as much time as possible to find your best match. Register Now. Either contact us and fill out the application over the phone, or apply online. Answer a few questions with our online registration so the search can begin!


Local Nanny Pay

Every nanny agency is different when it comes to how the nanny gets paid.


At The Elite Nanny Team, the parents pay the nanny directly usually using an online direct deposit system. We highly recommend HomePay by Breedlove


Please know that the minimum nanny pay we extend to our nannies on your behalf is $15.00 an hour.

While your nanny may work a consistent shift and his or her pay may not fluctuate greatly, we suggest using a time tracking app.


The number one reason nannies quit is that they feel they are being taken advantage of (regardless of whether it is occurring or not).


The easiest way to eliminate friction is two-step. First, pay your nanny by the hour and not on a salary.


Second, utilize a time card app your nanny can use to track her hours. Using a time tracking app greatly ensures complete transparency about hours worked and nanny pay.


Many available apps recognize when the employee arrives at the home address (also known as work) and initiates a timestamp.  Additionally, your nanny can email you a CSV documenting their hours.


We highly recommend HoursTracker, which is available for free on Android and iPhone. It is our goal to establish a lasting relationship based on trust and open communication.


While we offer suggestions, as the employer all final decisions are yours.


It is our goal to minimize unneeded tensions. Additionally,  you are welcome to compensate your household employee in cash, check, or direct deposit.


Wondering what Nanny Services we offer?


Nanny Duties​

Nanny duties our nannies help with will depend on your family’s structure and your personal preferences.  


We ask our domestic helpers to main a neat residence and leave it much neater than they found it. Part-time and full-time nannies regularly empty the dishwasher, vacuum the play area, sweep the kitchen, and clean the counters.


Nannies are very helpful in the kitchen too! They help fix kids' snacks, prepare a light dinner/meal prep and running errands such as grocery shopping!


Infant specialists help to prepare breast or formula bottles, clean baby bottles, sanitize toys, and empty diaper bails.  Our nannies also prepare soft foods once the babe is ready for solids.


Since most of our professional nannies have driver's licenses they will be helpful with carpooling.

Many nannies are responsible for delivering little kids and teenagers to extracurricular pursuits such as ballet classes, soccer camp, basketball practice, swimming lessons, and art classes.


How will a nanny make your life easier?

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Where We Recruit Nannies From

We broadcast a far reach to locate potential caregivers. Exceptionalism is essential to us.


Not all caregiving specialists are right for every position. Some youngsters require somebody who has a calmer demeanor.


Other children benefit from a nanny with significant knowledge. Every girl and boy is different. Background and experience are crucial.


We link with local universities, trade programs, nursing students, early education graduates, preschool teachers, caregivers for special needs children, and infant specialists.


We recruit former educators, individuals specializing in certain languages, reliable people with paid professional childcare experience.


We also have connections with other nannies and babysitters in the industry. We have contacts reaching far and wide to find the best match for you.


Our nannies are accepted for the interview process based on those characteristics mentioned above.


We question hundreds of professional babysitters. We match you with nannies who are most compatible with your family.


We measure compatibility using several factors. First is the expertise required. We want only the most skilled nannies for your kids.  


What energy level best pairs with your kids? We explore potential candidates' personalities and test their patience, problem-solving skills, and honesty.  


To us, reliability and loyalty are far more important than whether or not they will also walk your dog.


However, this service is personalized so if your dog absolutely has to be walked, we rearrange priorities to match yours. Why safety is our #1 priority!


Handling Minnesota Nanny Taxes

As the employer, you will be encouraged to follow accurate accounting by deducting taxes from your employee’s pay at the end of each week. 

Most of our clients use a payroll system.


Because your contract establishes a guaranteed number of hours, this calculation and fee rarely differ from week to week. 

Please provide salary and tax deduction verification to the nanny weekly and keep a copy of the nanny taxes for your records.


Please also consider this allowance when determining the hourly rate you can offer your caregiver.

We will have a link to a website that you can use for nanny tax management and direct deposit (in the future). 

Kindly note that the employer is accountable for paying nanny taxes for the nanny/babysitter. 

Contributions can be made for filing taxes toward Social Security and Medicare on behalf of the employee, if you prefer.


Filing nanny taxes is important and will allow you to benefit from the childcare tax deduction. 

Nanny taxes typically pertain to full-time nannies and part-time babysitters.


Which nanny service would best suit your childcare needs?


Nanny Benefits

Offering employment benefits to your nanny is your decision, as the employer.


You can establish them as a total number of days you will offer if your nanny-employee goes on vacation or becomes sick.


Typically, we suggest that however many paid vacation days you offer the nanny, you use half of the days and schedule them to coincide with your family's vacation.


You leave the remaining vacations days for your nanny to use to schedule her own vacation.


Employers hiring a full-time nanny typically offer between 10 and 30 days paid vacation days plus some paid federal holidays.


Parents employing part-time nannies sometimes may offer 5 paid vacation days to their nannies. Questions about pricing?

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