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Our Nanny Agency Process

Our nanny placement agency's process is easy. Fill out the registration; it is similar to a profile.


Then a consultant meets with you for about 45 minutes to an hour on Zoom


We discuss your family's childcare needs and learn more about your lifestyle and personality (The Initial Meeting). 


After our nanny contract is signed and the first payment is made, the TENT Group starts searching for your ideal nanny.


We Assess The Nanny's Personality

It is critical that the nanny can safely care for your child. Is the nanny patient? Is s/he level-headed? Will she make sound judgments in the event of an emergency?


We Test Their Childcare Skills 

Does it match your child's age? Will it match the children's needs?


Last but not least, we measure their willingness to communicate thoroughly, consistently, and quickly.


Initiative is the first quality we look for when placing in any nanny job.


Are they skilled at managing a household, managing kids, managing time, and managing priorities?


We recruit interview, verify and conduct a preliminary background check on each qualified childcare applicant.

The Elite Nanny Team then chooses our top three prospects and introduces them to you. 

Our Nanny Recruitment Process

We Do It All

From recruitment to the contracts, our agency handles every aspect of the nanny placement in order to make your life easier.





We Do All The Work!

We recruit, interview, check references, and assess the nanny’s personality.


We Choose The Top 3 Nannies

best suited for your family’s needs and budget.

It is not uncommon for clients to tell us it is hard to decide between the three. 


Your Family Interviews Your Favorite Nanny!

You Choose the Nanny's Pay!

When you are ready, we extend a salary offer on your behalf. 

You Pick Your Nanny!

On average, the nanny recruiting process takes 6 weeks

from the Client Meeting to your nanny's first day. 

The first step is to fill out an online registration to learn more about how we can cater to you and your family.

Required Clearances

  • Social Security Number Trace

  • 7-Year National Criminal Database Search

  • County Courthouse Verification of Database Hits (up to 3)

  • National Sex Offender Registry Check

  • Verifiable Experience with Children

  • Motor Vehicle Record

What Happens After the Nanny Placement?

Our job is to ensure a long-lasting relationship between your family and your nanny. We are always available to provide continued training to the nanny, to act as a mediator, and to encourage a harmonious relationship.


As the nation’s first remote nanny agency, we serve the entire USA. 


We live by our motto: Engage. Socialize. Learn. Safely.

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