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Information for Parents

Here busy families can learn more about how our nanny placement agency works. Learn about the nanny recruiting process we use. You can also discover what nannies do, nanny pay, nanny taxes, and more. 

How Our Nanny Placement Agency Works

Our nanny placement agency's process is easy. Simply fill out the registration, sort of like a profile. Then a consultant meets with you for about 45 minutes to an hour on Zoom.  We discuss your family's childcare needs and learn more about your lifestyle and personality (The Initial Meeting). 


After our nanny contract is signed and the first payment is made the TENT Group starts searching for your ideal fit.


We recruit, interview, verify and conduct a preliminary background check on each qualified childcare applicant.


We assess their personality.

It is critical that the nanny can safely care for your child. Is the nanny patient? Is s/he level-headed? Will she make sound judgments in the event of an emergency?


We test their childcare education.

Does it match your child's age? Will it match the children's needs?


Last but not least, we measure their willingness to communicate thoroughly, consistently, and quickly.


Initiative is the first quality we look for when placing in any nanny job.


Are they skilled at managing a household, managing kids, managing time, and managing priorities?


The Elite Nanny Team then chooses our top three prospects and introduces them to you. 

We Choose the Top 3 Nannies

After each professional babysitter has passed a preliminary background check, the 3 nannies meet at your house (or via Zoom), where you get to interview the top three (3) choices individually. (Due to the pandemic, our process may change)

Typically interviews take about 30 - 45 minutes, depending on the family's preference. 

Background Checks 

Based on the interviews, you choose your top nanny candidate. We have the nanny undergo an extensive background check that requires their social security number.


Nannies are assessed at the county, state, and federal levels. Their identity is scanned through the National Sex Offender Registry. We also complete a formal motor vehicle check. 

Salary Negotiations

If the childcare applicant clears the formal background check, the hourly rate or salary you have chosen is extended to them.

We will help negotiate your nanny's hourly pay and talk to you about managing the nanny's taxes. 

Please note: the testing results take approximately four days to return. This is a great time for you, the Employer, to organize your thoughts about what they want to be included in the Nanny Contract. ​

We Create a Nanny-Employer Agreement

When the nanny/manny accepts your job offer, TENT draws up a nanny contract between your family and the nanny.


You will receive a draft of the agreement before its finalization. We welcome clients to add notes they thought of at the last minute.


Prior to the nanny's first day, we go over the contractual agreement item by item with your future nanny to establish expectations, boundaries, and responsibilities for him/her. 

Preemie Twins feet held by mother

We have to start now!

Our nanny agency needs as much time as possible to find your best match. Register Now. Either contact us and fill out the application over the phone or apply online. Answer a few questions with our online registration so the search can begin!


According to, Childcare Workers in  Minnesota has a base employment rate of 12,770. The amount of potential candidates is to increase to 12,980. The percentage increase of available childcare workers will potentially increase by a mere 1.6%. The national average for the total employment category need is anticipated to increase by 2.0%. The average annual openings are projected to become 2,020 childcare jobs. That is over 2,000 individuals in Minnesota you will be competing against to find the ideal nanny. This process is too lengthy and complex for your family to go it alone. 

"Number of Childcare Jobs in 2018 in USA: 1,160,000. Future projection is 2% which is much slower than for other occupations."

What Does a Nanny Do?

The duties that our nannies help with will depend on your family’s structure and your personal preferences.  


We ask our domestic helpers to main a neat residence and leave it much neater than they found it. Part-time and full-time nannies regularly empty the dishwasher, vacuum the play area, sweep the kitchen, and clean the counters.


Nannies are very helpful in the kitchen too! They help fix kids' snacks, prepare a light dinner/meal prep, and run errands like grocery shopping!


Infant specialists help to prepare breast or formula bottles, clean baby bottles, sanitize toys, and empty diaper bails.  Our nannies also prepare soft foods once the babe is ready for solids.


Since most of our professional nannies have driver's licenses, they will be helpful with carpooling or running errands.

Many nannies deliver little kids and teenagers to extracurricular pursuits such as ballet, soccer camps, basketball practice, swimming lessons, and art classes.

Whether you are ready to commit to a live-in nanny or need a date night nanny - The Elite Nanny Team has a variety of nanny services to suit your needs. 

How will a nanny make your life easier?

Have More Questions? Read Our FAQs for Parents


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