Last Minute  Nannies in Minnesota


Do you need a short-term babysitter available in the Twin Cities? If you currently have an unreliable nanny, consider replacing them with a TENT Nanny.


If this isn't an option and you need backup corporate childcare, event nannies, or a date night babysitter - we have childcare near you! 


Perhaps you are getting married at the extravagant Interlachen and want to provide group childcare during the reception?


Maybe it is time for an overdue date night at Ruth's Chis' Steakhouse, and you are looking for date night babysitters.


Whether you have one child or are hosting many children - our nannies have the experience of safely caring for all children.


We just need to know their ages (which you provide during the Event Registration).

We also ask the location of the event, whether driving is involved, if the kids have allergies, and how much pay you are offering per hour. 

We follow Minnesota's daycare rules when providing temporary gig nannies,


If you are looking for a full-time short-term, or long-term nanny, feel free to give us a call.


We also provide childcare during corporate events, conferences, corporate retreats, church socials, and more!


We regularly work with JW Marriott in Bloomington and the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Price: $75.00 per nanny per day (additionally, you pay the nanny for her work directly). 


Please keep reading to learn how it works!

Babysitters Near Me: How It Works

Our Minneapolis-based corporate nannies give you endless access to temporary babysitters on an as-needed basis with a recruitment fee covering the number of days you need help. 

  • All you do is REGISTER HERE

    • We ask for the location of the event, the hourly pay you will offer the nanny, the date and hours you need childcare, and a few other specifics.​

      • You pay a minimal recruiting fee.

      • You pay the nanny directly at the end of the event.

      • We recruit a highly skilled nanny.

      • After you have registered and paid, we have the nanny call you to touch base prior to the event.

      • At the end of the evening, you pay the nanny the hourly wage you indicated on your registration form by cash or check.

One replacement nanny (beyond our suggestion) is offered free of charge for the paid contract period. We request 24 hours' notice to place a date night sitter. 

Price: $75.00 per day per nanny.  In addition, you pay the nanny her hourly wage at the end of the event. 

Accepted Payment Forms

If you are looking for a part-time short-term or long-term nanny, feel free to give us a call.

Last Minute Child Care - Minneapolis, MN

So if you are headed to the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis for a concert or sports game and need a last-minute nanny or other emergency childcare services? Perhaps you are thinking of enjoying a date night at The Lookout Restaurant in Maple Grove. 

Do you need childcare for only a few hours or days? We have short-term nannies for hire.

All of our temporary nannies have been interviewed.

We assess their personality for patience and the ability to respond under pressure. Each eligible nanny has passed a preliminary background check.


All emergency nannies have a minimum of 2 years of professional childcare experience.


Each nanny owns a car and is available Monday through Sunday, and is available for most hours of the day.


Do you need a nanny to provide childcare coverage on a holiday? We have a nanny near you.


We only ask you to provide us with a minimum of 24 hours' notice to arrange everything properly.

We Service Downtown Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Bloomington, Minnesota

Accepted Payment Forms
Date night teddy bear comforts child
Hiring a full-time or part-time nanny can reshape your life! Are you looking for greater flexibility? A live-in nanny may be the right option for you. In addition, we also specialize in special needs nannies, event nannies, and infant specialists. We even have summer nannies!