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Having Trouble with.......

  • Feeding Issues?

  • Sleeping Problems?

  • Behavioral Items?

  • Breast Feeding?

  • Tantrums?

  • Administering Medication?

  • Decision Making?

child care consultation services
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About Services...


Our consultation services are scheduled thru email.


A 60-minute consultation using Zoom is $65 via PayPal Business Account

Schedule a Consultation with Dorian

After graduating from Wheaton College, in Norton, Massachusetts, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics, she began working with Special Needs kids who were having trouble adapting to life. In over 20 years of experience, she has often been referred to as "SuperNanny" by her families for unique ability to bond with children, assess the cause of their troubles, and expertly coach parents towards a working solution. Her experience is vastly based on educating herself and hands-on experience. Her mind is adept, quick, and highly intuitive. Her ability to analyze situations and read personalities is unparalleled. Her quest for knowledge led her to an additional degree in Art School, as well as being a Certified Interior Designer. She is a graduate of Miss Porter's School in Farmington, Connecticut, an equine enthusiast, former President of the Student/Alumni(ae) Association and a current member of the International Nanny Association. Most recently, she located 33 nannies for the National Education Association's conference in downtown Minneapolis. 




She knows so much about a variety of children that she is an asset to parents. 

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