Children's Activities 

Are you looking for more fun kids crafts and activities for kids? You have come to the right place! At The Elite Nanny Team, we strongly encourage our nannies to engage kids in meaningful play. Let's shut off Netflix and Hulu and engage children's minds using all five senses. We even list kid-friendly museums. Let's encourage creativity, expression, and self-discovery! Below you will find an endless list spanning several categories including:​

  • Indoor Activities

  • Outdoor Activities

  • Soaring in School

  • Unique Children

  • Baby Products

  • Holiday Kids Crafts​

  • Talking to Teens

  • The Meaning of Friendship

  • Epic Baby Activities

  • Safety Measures that Work - Kids Edition

  • Epic Kids

  • Remember to Love

  • The Elite Nanny Team Recommends

Whether you are looking for rainy-day games, snow-themed activities for kids, or a great kids book, you will find a new craft to do with your kids! These boards are frequently referenced by The Elite Nanny Team's nannies who use them with their nanny kids.


Take a minute to explore some new fun! Learn about exciting Kids Activities!